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Curiosity Instead Of Judgment

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Choosing to approach a situation with curiosity rather than judgment helps you to steer clear of assumptions and keep an open mind. This encourages communication and understanding.
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CURIOSITY iver judgment...
as a person who has ALWAYS been judged by others for one reason or another.. i find this EXTREMELY important and personal. i do CHOOSE not to judge but to try and get to know/reason with instead.
Open curiosity
I learned it’s beneficial to come from a place of love and curiosity instead of trying to judge others or myself. Ex : what can I do better to get a better result ? Someone judging me or over criticism I can come from a place of curiosity. Try to understand what might have happened to them to make them feel the right to judge me . Take some out of that without internalize it work on the things needed out of that conversation and be curious of my mood and behavior with love , honesty, curiosity.