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Cup Flowing Over

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We love to be inspired. Hope you will love this Inspirational Story.
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My brain
I learned that being mindful may be the cause of my brain not working. That had so much in my brain, mindfulness is helping me clear away the junk in my brain.
Get your thoughts straigh
If you ever find yourself with so many things on your mind, you should stop and think to yourself of what it is that is causing you to be anxious and worrisome about what is going to happen in your life, and you should try to arrange your thoughts so you know what you want to have on your mind and what you don’t want on your mind to worry about.
Don’t be closed off
I learned that no matter what is going on, always have space for something else. You don’t know what is to come or what will happen. You can’t keep everything bottled up or stay away from something because of one incident or a person. You have to learn to forgive and just move on. Whatever is going on is just like a tree, some leaves will fall down and eventually all of it might, it just depends on if you have enough space and confidence to grow those leaves back.
Stop, breathe, be in the moment
I learned that we need to be present in the moment. Don’t let the past or future isn’t use on what is happening right now.
I learned that there are probably many moments in my life that I haven’t fully enjoyed because my mind is preoccupied on stress and worries.. time to be more mindful!
It's important to clear the mind through meditation and spend moments in that gap between thoughts in order to allow the thoughts that do flow in to develop greater meaning
Mental flush
Approaching a notion of acquisition is solely plausible through emptying one's initial biases that are prevalent.
I missed out
I learned that because I was preoccupied on a lot of stress in my life , I wasn’t focusing on having a good time and be happy . So I missed out on a lot . This meditation is called a “Cup flowing over “ because it’s saying that your brain is filled with to much (stress, what’s recently happen in someone else’s life ) or just something that’s not very important for you .There saying make some space for the good things for the important things in your life that you actually need to remember .
I learned that our minds can only handle sooo much stress and once we reach our limit any new information can’t fit inside so it disappears
Great parable
A lovely story that Natalie gave me a few minutes of relaxation but was a pretty good teaching tool
My first story
It’s good to be bored sometimes. Be present and open and available to new and present things.
When you’re filled to the brim with worries and thoughts and plans you aren’t allowing for space for self care and discovery. What a great reminder to purge what isn’t necessary to make room for what is!
Space in your mind
I need to make space in my mind for new thoughts. My mind can be filled with many things, but it is important to forget about some of these things at times so that you can focus on something new.
Cup Flowing Over
I learned that, I don’t need to let my thoughts take up the space in my mind
Cup Flowing Over
I learned that you shouldn’t let your mind be filled with worries and thoughts from the past. You should let them ago, otherwise they will keep growing and growing; eventually, happiness won’t be able to fit inside your mind.
Overflowing cup
Let things go so there is space for your mind to learn new things
Make Space
I really like this story. It reminds me to make space in my mind for new thoughts and ideas. I feel like there’s that tape that plays in my mind with the usual thoughts. If I can clear my mind a bit, new possibilities can come in!
I realized that I need to do some Of the same. If I’m more organized and more prepared at work I worry less. Hard in my position though, since I’m a different person every day being a substitute.
In this practice I could actually imagine trees, the sunlight, and the most beautiful yellow, pink, and purple flowers I’ve ever seen. I also learned that in order to have new thoughts in my mind I have to push out the ones that are stressing me out.
Cup flowing over
A wonderful analogy of the importance of being mindful and in the present moment. Not allowing our minds to preoccupy our lives. Live in the here and now and be alert and open to what is going on around you.
Cup Flowing Over
I learned that you need to clear up space for your mind. Don’t let negative thoughts overflow in your “cup”.
Lesson 1
Make space for positive thoughts to drown out the bad ones. New ideas, fresh memories will soon fulfill your brain with happiness.
Be in the present
If your too busy worrying about the past or the future you will fail to recognize the importance if what is going on around you in the present moment.
What an awesome story. I know that sometimes my body may be present but my mind isn’t. I am neither doing myself any favours nor the person I am interacting with. I remember thinking after my mother died “I wish I had just stopped and really listened to her words, to her stories with patience and enthusiasm, for she was not just my mum but a person in her own right”. A bit late than never, I now truely listen to people without my ego getting in the way - most of the time :)
Cup flowing over
It’s important to let the little things go and let new stuff enter you’re brain
Busy minds
I learned that in order to be in the present your mind needs to be open and have space for new things. You cannot have a mind full of thoughts.
Bing free
When k you just breath you can change your body motions.🙃🙃
The over flowing mind.
When I listened to this story, I started thinking about how it’s the same with us in the world. We worry about things that don’t need to be worried about, we think of an upcoming interview for a job or something big, we think about a lot of things and over time our mind gets crammed of way to many unnecessary stuff then when we need more space for something important we have non. All I can say is once in while clear your mind of stuff that has so called “collected dust.”
Day 7
Got distracted by the fact that this story sounded so weird and probably wasn’t a real thing but the point it makes is good.
Cave walls and creating new space
I often use the analogy of Plato’s cave for my mind. It is so easy for habits of thinking to become encompassing and everything I know. By practising making space in my cave each day, I can learn to see mistakes in patterns of thinking and leave myself open to new wonders in life
Temporary peace
When my mind is too busy and racing with thoughts I can’t resolve anything. Meditation helps to calm me and reduce some of the stress. But I think the best solution is to resolve the problem to some extent. Getting to the root of the problem helps, but if I can’t actually fix the problem it keeps surfacing. I woke up thinking about an age old problem thats been haunting me for years. It will always come back to haunt me, because I can’t figure out how to solve the problem, it’s just too complicated. I think l’ll meditate more today until I can make some temporary peace with it.
cup flowing over
when I have my mind thinking about multiple things I’m not able to reflect on anything else
I feel that in the modern world with so much going on it’s important to let go. Remove thoughts and be in the moment.
I was reminded that we need to make space and let things go to be able to take new things in and feel differently about where we are.
Finding peace within yourself
I learned that life is too short .. we need to be able to appreciate more things in life. Especially, when it comes to finding peace within ourselves. Just to take a moment in our day... could be in the morning, afternoon or before you go to bed. To take a deep, breath and have a few minutes to yourself to reflect on the positive things going on in your life.
i need to stop and make time to clear my mind and rid myself of unnecessary thoughts in order to move forward
cup flowing over
This story taught me if my mind is too busy and I am overwhelmed with my issues I can't learn new stuff.I suggest listening to it.
Open minds
Going into a conversation or situation with your mind already made up solves nothing -you're incapable of actually hearing another person when all you hear is your own voice.
Time right
Unbelievably this story was right on time my own thoughts given back to me on Aura very Unnerving very calming
Cup flowing over
Such a perfect story! As I started listening, one of my dogs gave a little bark and stretched out for a belly rub, so was distracted immediately. I gave him a quick pat and sat down to listen fully focused. In that short space of time, I lost count of the number of thoughts that ran through my mind. Still, I got the message. Thankfully! I love Aura!
Cups & Minds Overflowing!
A great story! This story is a good metaphor for those of us who have minds that are full of a zillion different things. 🌺🦋🌺
Well, this story certainly hit home with me today. My mind and thoughts have been overflowing for weeks now. The visual image she created snapped me back into reality in a hurry. I am going to force myself to relax and free up space in my mind that has been filled with both worry and confusion. So grateful I listened to this short story today. Many, many thanks!!
No room for good thoughts or to listen
I totally loved this story. It is a perfect analogy to what happens to my mind when I start worrying and spiraling out of control. All I have room for are the worrying thoughts and nothing can get through not even my husband who is trying to tell me the truth about the situation. It’s like I don’t have room for anything but worry and fear.
Made a lot of sense
This may be why new ideas are not getting traction. to make a change need to open up space
I find now that it's not the number of things in or on my mind which distracts me. It's the number of things which I know I USED to know, or can no longer recall which distract me...frustrates me! Often to the point of anger! This in turn upsets me further, or upsets my poor long-suffering wife. Today, it was a missing power adaptor to a label printer I wanted to use to organize and inventory my daughter’s school’s extensive and expensive LEGO robotics collection. After looking everywhere it SHOULD have been, I finally had to admit to myself that I may have completely mis-remembered having had the power supply at all! 😳 Made a whole lot of extra work for myself, before giving in and contacting the manufacturer for a replacement power cord!
Cup Flowing Over
Let things go! When your mind is full of worries and stress, there is no room for new things.... Find some space
Cup Flowing Over
This is me right now... I have filled myself up with businesses and worry and plans and things to do... I told my husband that today I was going to step back and take a break today. Here is to a peaceful day!
Cup Flowing Over
Thank you for reminding me to come to today with an empty mind. I was already awake and worrying...
Early morning lesson
This feels like me today. I was aware, but the parallel to a cup overflowing is a metaphor I can happily adopt to describe how I feel today and some days when I need to make space and attend to what’s in my mind already. Wonderful!
My cup runeth over…
This is me to a tea*. Being a creative, everywhere I look, new ideas and creative projects pop into my head to the point I didn’t really listen to others. I hear them, but I’m not listening. Being a creative is a gift but a life sentence. I need to slow my brain down and clear my mind of other things and pay attention to people right in front of me.
I've never thought of that. It's impossible to be mindful when your thoughts have already filled up your head. Making sure your cup has room to be filled with new things is essential. What a great lesson. Otherwise I'm on autopilot. Missing the goodness. You mentioned that you really didn't notice the beauty of the forest. Your head was filled with work issues from the past week. Very good lesson. Thank you.