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Cultivation Of Gratitude

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Paola Cruz
E-RYT, Meditation Teacher, Global Yogini
How many times do you wake up and offer thanks for your blessings? Cultivating gratitude is a powerful tool. It has the potential to shift our experience of life into days filled with happiness and contentment. In this meditation, I invite you to begin your journey toward becoming aware of what you are grateful for. Enjoy!
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Cup of Well-Being
Gratitude has the ability to cultivate feelings of appreciation in everything. When we are appreciative, life is abundantly good. Getting comfortable, I brought awareness to the tip of my nose and sensed air flowing in and air flowing out. With my mind focused on the sweet sensations of life force energy flowing into my body, I found myself becoming more and more present. As the background music continued to play, I imagined a piece of paper in front of me. With a pencil in my hand, I wrote down three things I am grateful for. As the words flowed into me, I saw myself writing on the piece of paper: 1) waking up to this day, 2) the ability to serve others and 3) the opportunities to learn. I am so fortunate to have this beautiful day ahead of me! Afterwards I thanked my body and mind for being relaxed and present so I could cultivate this amazing sense of gratitude. Appreciative, my cup of well-being is full! Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Morning Gratitude
It’s always good to start your day on the right foot by thinking about what you’re grateful for. :) One thing I would note about this specific practice is that there’s a loud banging noise at approx. 3:30 in this recording. It jolted me out of my meditative state and it was hard to get back into the recording afterward. Just be aware of this if you decide to do this meditation!
I could almost see the air entering my nostrils with positivity and leaving taking the negativity away….. I felt the body and mind relaxing and thinking gratefulness for its being
Thank You
The meditation made me smile and experience subtle joy. Things to be grateful for came naturally in this Monday morning. That in itself is to be thankful about.
Gratitude brings peace
Rest assurance peace warmth gratification an enduring sense of goodness and wellbeing.
I felt love as a sweet calm came over me. The rhythm and flute in the background helped me to go deeper and I smiled as the thought of dancing came and went. Thank you.