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Cultivating the Soil for Change

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Neuro-Trauma Informed Mindfulness
We often think about the seeds that we want to plant for new growth to begin in our lives, but cultivating the soil before we plant is equally important. This meditation will lead you to think about what you want to plant, and what needs to happen before you begin the planting process.
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Seeds. What do you need to grow? What does a seed need to grow? Light, soil, cultivation? Like seeds, we need specific things to grow and be at our primes to thrive in our environment. I liked this a lot, it resonated with me because I love to care and tend for my plants.
Time to dream
I learned that my thoughts can generate tomorrow’s future. The soil of today can become more fertile to grow the things in life that I wish and pray and work for.
Growing My Garden
Planting my seeds. My garden, my flowers, my plants! This meditation was easy for me to get into as it really resonated with me. I could picture different plants and tried to tie them to things I need or want to work on. I love plants, gardening and flowers so this was easy to visualize and plants make me happy.
I have always thought about the seeds but never enjoy the soil. Time to till my garden.
Resting in god’s presence is good
Meditation is always good because you can rest in god’s peace and have a good time in god’s presence and god’s blessings and I have noticed that when I meditate all the pressure is always taking of my shoulders and negative things just zap right out of my mind and positive things come to my mind and god’s blessings really relax and keep me at peace while I sleep that is why I love meditations
Seeds / Soil / Change / Growth
This one resonated with me. I don’t remember doing it previously but it was favorited. I’m surprised I didn’t write a reflection. I liked this one because I love plants. At first I imagined planting surreal plants such as “peace” and imagined what it might grow into for me. Then I imagined smelling a fresh bouquet of flowers and being in a humid plant store or botanical garden. Very peaceful. I’m excited to see what comes in my dreams tonight. 🌱🪴🌵🌿🍃🌱☮️💤🦄✨💖🐯🔮
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