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Cultivating Joy

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Want to increase your happiness quota today? It may be as simple as tapping into the joy that others are experiencing. When you can do this with an open heart, it is an important corrective to feelings of envy. Envy suggests that there is not enough to go around. But when you can feel genuine happiness for another person's win, you are communicating a new belief in abundance Ð that there's more than enough happiness to go around, and that your wins are just around the corner! Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels
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Great practice
Really great & relaxing, reminds you there is unlimited possibility
Sin palabras.
Tras este ciclo de meditaciones, he descubierto nuevas partes de mi, nuevos aspectos de mi carácter y nuevas formas de concentrarme.
I learned that everyone is entitled to joy. And that there is enough joy and happiness and good fortune to go around. So with that being said we should never be jealous or envious of another person because they experienced good fortune because ours is sure to come soon.
I learned that there is always a way to find happiness in your life, and that you should always share other people's successes or wins with yourself and always be happy with them. There is always enough joy to go around.
It is difficult to focus on on thought but meditation gives me peace and I'm beginning to understand that it takes practice
This is important and don't underestimate your impact on others
This is important and don't underestimate your impact on others
Releasing emvy
I learned by not appreciating others joy I was harboring a lot of envy for people in my life. Not only did this create unhappy feelings within myself but it prevented me from truly connecting to my friends and family. Thank for for allowing me to see this and providing a channel to release these envious feelings to cultivate joy and peace in my self to spread to others 🙏🏻
I experienced a physical reaction, an adrenaline rush, when I envisioned another’s win!
Unconditional love
Jealousy is envy too. I envisioned my beloved truly happy with another woman, and could bring happiness and blessings to that reality. Is that the detachment the wise people talk about?
Like all things big joy and love fill this expansive abyss and nothing escapes
Our anniversary celebration
WOW! We had a beautiful romantic and fun day. The ride to the lake was interesting how the foliage bloomed from browns and yellow to those vibrant orange reds the closer we got to the lake. Every time we saw a new patch of color in the hills one of us would exclaim and point it out to the other. We were like kids seeing it for the first time. A burst of intense blues showed its face as we drove into the vineyard and saw the lake. We were so excited that we reached our weigh point. Now we can experience the view from the deck take pictures of each other and the scenery. He smiled at me and my smile widened even more. Laughter sensations of the palette tasting new foods and wine. We had such a great time!! We really enjoyed our special time together. Hope all of you have or will have a joyful venture as us.
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