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Cultivating Gratitude

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Practicing gratitude allows us to build our resilience to negative or upsetting events that happen in our lives, and allows us to better navigate daily frustrations. This simple practice helps you to cultivate gratitude in your own life.
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11 reflections
I am grateful for this meditation...
Such a great way to start the day. At times, my thoughts tend to get consumed by the seemingly negative experiences of my life. No wonder I feel drained. This was the perfect reminder of the many blessings I have. I'm especially grateful for the friendship between my best friend and I. She's one of the few people in my life who truly understands me. We understand each other. I'm extremely grateful for the love she pours into me. Pay more attention to what you have than what you don't.
I don’t wanna be!
I typed in “frustration” and this is the meditation that came up. Well, sometimes I don’t want to be grateful or show gratitude! I just want to say out loud that I’m frustrated. My frustration doesn’t last very long as it really isn’t worthwhile to spend my time on useless things that have no resolution. I just need to yell it out loud one time. Does that make any sense at all? The meditation itself is a very good one; I’ve listened to it before. Just not the best for me tonight. 😖
This morning when I read the press release for the fire that has been raging through our communities for three weeks, it stated a firefighter died yesterday. There were no other details. So the first meditation I wanted to do today was one on Gratitude. although I don’t know this person I am very grateful for the sacrifice they made defending our homes and communities. May they Rest In Peace.
Walter J
I am grateful for my youngest son right now. He’s got a new job with a nice bump in pay so he can support his new wife. They are able to live with her parents while they pay off some debt & look for a house to buy and settle into. And as a project manager he has me working up a schedule to get my book published & website set up. It really does make a difference when there are goals with deadlines AND they are written down. Really helps create some urgency & accountability. Thank you son, your parents did a good job raising you and are very proud of you and your accomplishments so far! I love you!! ❤️☮️🍀
How very fortunate I am just to still be here! To reach out and touch people with words and music. To witness my daughter blossom into a magnificent young woman. To feel the warmth of my wife’s hand. To wake up in the morning refreshed after a good night’s sleep. To still be able to laugh. and eat and read and cry and love
I’m so grateful for so many things in my life, and taking a few minutes to stop and sort through them all brought a smile to my face today. I’m grateful for a certain friend, who lives across the country but is constantly there for me, the only person I speak to every day over text or calls. I’m grateful for the new job I start this week. I’ve been interviewing for it since March, and finally got the offer a week or so ago. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to work for a long time, and I’m so excited to start. I also realized I’m grateful just to be alive, and for my breath, which constantly brings me to a calm, centered state. Today, I am grateful ♥️🙏🏼✨
I have so many things to be grateful for but the negative I have overpowers it. This was a good practice and a good way to start my day! Thinking of all the positives and what I have in my life versus all the negative and self doubt and worry!
I remembered how lucky I am and it made me feel instantly better when I was feeling pretty down during this isolation period if COVID. Thanks
I feel grateful. I feel grateful. I feel grateful. Breathe in, I feel grateful. Breathe out, I feel grateful.
I learned that feeling grateful for small things helps lighten my mood. I also am finding that these short practices throughout the day help me focus.
How I felt blessing with thinking of small things that make things happen .
That love and faith can make things happen. Rocking with Jesus in a rocking chair over the water. Very peaceful!
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