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Cultivating Curiosity

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
We often meet the world and ourselves through the filters of our thoughts. This meditation cultivates our ability to meet life through through our sense perceptions as if for the first time. Because really, each moment is always happening for the first time.
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Beautiful meditation.
Just the right meditation at the right moment. I am coming my blessings because San Antonio was spared from Hurricane Harvey, unlike like Texas Coastal Cities, Houston, and parts of Central Texas. Knowing this, cultivating a beginners mind takes on a whole new meaning for me.
I am reminded that there are so many great things I am missing by not paying attention! So wrapped up in "thinking" that I don't see or pay attention to the things that are important. The color of the sky, interesting architecture, bees on flowers, the smell of a fresh cut lawn, all the people we pass each day. The list goes on. I will endeavor to be more curious about my world.
Being a child again
I enjoy the little things when I pay attention. I feel more childlike and exuberant when I notice them! 👶🏻
Be yourself
Today was all about being mindful of ones own ability to be curious of how we perceive ourselves so take the time and live in the moment.
Stay curious
Curiousness connects me to how and who I was as a child, thirsty of impressions, new experiences and thirsty of life, attentive to myself and to the world around me. This is still my inner happy self!
Treating everything you meet throughout your day as if you are experiencing it for the first time and having a curious and open mindset can bring wonder and appreciation to even the most mundane of things
Taking Things For Granted
I learned that I can take so many things for granted and should appreciate and be grateful for what I have received.
Greeting Every Moment as New
The idea of greeting every moment as new gives me a refreshed feeling. I think I need that I my classroom today. I will try to take that into school, and see my students for the first time, as well as the moments that offer them.
A certain amount of anxiety can come from the knowledge that you have no control over your breath. I mean it is an unconscious mechanism to keep your body alive and you do it unthinkingly but once you acknowledge the importance it has, a fear can enter your mind should it stop. Perhaps think of breathing as an energy transfer, you give and take and once gone another type of vitality takes place ... breath is no longer the means of support your physicality once needed. Fear is about lack of control and understanding but curiosity is about searching for an understanding or answers. May our curiosity blossom for the goodness of all kind.
I am feeling melancholy for no discernable reason. The best I can think of is that it's Monday and the start of another work week. Today I will try to pause and notice something new.
Many people like to say curiosity killed the cat. That statement always seemed negative to me because a lot of good things come out of being curious; for me I learned that I enjoy painting and other sorts of artsy type of things all of this happened because I was curious. Never be afraid of being curious about anything