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Crystal Singing Bowls (Binaural)

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
This is an ear-to-ear healing sound bath for relaxation and balance. I hope you find it helpful as you move through your healing journey. You should be able to feel the energy passing all around you as the sound travels from ear to ear. Enjoy!
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4 reflections
Energy is everything
I definitely felt the energy moving all around me. This was very interesting and enjoyable, even uplifting.
I learned that I can slow down do deep work it be meaningful and easy
Smooth and clear Honest and true Be a creator of one. It’s told me my reflection is too short and to please write more which honestly is shocking. The app is a trigger. I can’t imagine how anyone can do this all day. Being in your phone too much is triggering. I don’t love it so I am careful. I love my people. In real life.
What a beautiful journey this sound healing takes one on, to begin a day of healing and peace. This was the perfect amount of time to spend wrapped in the sound vibrations of these singing bowls. and even experiencing Reiki energy! I will listen to this oftenBlissful. Namasté🙏🏻
Comfortable with my discomfort
Sound baths make me cringe. There is something that just grates like nails on a chalkboard, but at the same time there is deep seated trauma that the sound healing is reaching that does not want to let go. I am going to continue to listen and be contrite my discomfort until whatever is clinging so hard to my brain lets go.