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Creation Is Silent!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Each time that you decide to raise your vibration by meditating, visioning, saying affirmations, or any other modality it's going to affect your current reality. When the things in your life start to crumble do not give them any energy, instead, I want you to dig. your heels into who you are becoming and this session will give you the tools to do it! Cheers~
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A reminder to seek out and appreciate the silent moments, and experience the well from which creativity springs Namaste
YES!!! Thank you Spirit!!!
Creation is SILENT. Destruction is LOUD! Thank you so much Ms Teena for allowing Spirit to use you this day! This was FOR ME!! I have been using the mirror, mirror 🪞 technique for about a week now faithfully and it seems like things are just not going my way. But I needed this reminder I am digging my heels in and rejoicing that IT IS WORKING!!! My state of BEING is determine MY OUTCOME!!! Not my outcome determining my being ❤️
Creation is silent
Great lesson! When things seem to shift in your life; when certain aspects of your life feel chaotic, the universe is getting rid of the old to make room for the new! If I'm doing the work, if I'm doing all that I've learned here, creation is silent. Chaos is loud. A seed grows quietly, a tree falls loudly! I really needed Teena to tell it like it is. I'm at some sort of uncomfortable place. I thought it was a rut but it's just the process. I'm strong and I believe in myself. Yay!! 💃🏼
Very Powerful
This made me want to get up and shout this session was for Me! Thank you Teena ~ I can always count of your uplifting and energizing words, feelings and sessions❣️
I felt that I needed this so much. Oh my god that was a reminder
I learned that yes it's ok to feel that chaos is coming in your life when the shifting begins. I feel overwhelmed shifting but at the same time so much powerul Thank you teena
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