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Creating Your Authentic Self

3 Min
Life Coaching
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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Create your authentic self using collage and images to discover all that you are. Remember you bring a special quality to the world - please share it.
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9 reflections
not for me
this life coaching session was not for me. i found myself thinking about other things and constantly waiting for it to be over
Beautiful lessons
I will definitely make some changes in my life.I shouldn’t be afraid to express myself. I will start to paint again. Thank you Aura 👍🏻🌸😊
Great exercise
In this session she suggests an exercise to do in order to tap in to our authentic selves. The thought of exploring and finding my authentic self Sounds a bit tedious and scary, but this exercise to do just that sounds fun. I don’t have any magazines available for a collage, so I’m going to try drawing instead. 🎨 👩‍🎨
This idea is one I typically use with clients who approach me for creative design work. For logos and the like, I ask them to show me images, designs and color pallets which speak to them strongly. For web design, I ask them to provide me links to sites they use and enjoy, both in design and functionality. This level of feedback provides me with a window into the client and makes me better able to nail their design on the first try, therefore saving them money and me time exploring ideas and paths they’ll likely reject later on. When you charge by the hour for your work, it’s always good to let the clients know you’re working to their best interests, rather than trying to pad or extend the billable time spent on their project. It’s worked well for me for decades now, and I intend to continue working in this manner for my clientele!
Thought provoking
I definitely need to relisten to this a few times as questions posed here need to be pondered upon as I listen to figure out what is my spirit/soul answering and what is my ego/material body answering. I found Aura and upgraded to premium as I want to help my health, both physically, mentally and grow spiritually. Currently due to health limitations I lead more of an existence than living my authentic self. Perhaps if I figure out who I truly am, or wish to be, then I have more of a goal to work towards with the other meditations and life coaching sessions. I feel as though I used to know who I was and with the last decade of life’s events and circumstances I have become lost... or perhaps I have just changed and no longer recognise myself... yeah so thought provoking and lots to think about in my already overthinking mind 😬
Vocal’s 👩🏻
Hi 👋 I have made you feel like a lot better and then I would have never felt like that again soon because you had a lot to say about me and you were doing the best you can pay me your kindness
I don’t want stress
I don’t want tension or conflict I don’t want to get angry about anything I don’t want to be frustrated I don’t want to feel hurt I want peacefulness I want to be relaxed I want to feel comfortable and confident in relationships I want to sleep and to feel rested I want to feel purpose and energetic for the day I want to feel pride in how I look I want to feel physically strong I want to feel free I want to be brave
Collage myself
The process of collage collecting creating the village that is me I can do with words a walking meditation visualization colors as I do a body scan and even taking on page from a magazine which seems restricted but as the speaker said it’s all there. Uncovering me is a creative nourishing blessed and generous act. Thanks for this 3 minute reminder
This is a great idea I am going to try this to find out more about myself
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