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Creating Systems That Can't Be Disrupted

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Life Coaching
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Lisa Hopkins
Certified Professional Coach, PCC ELI-MP
We all rely on systems. They help us feel organized, get things done, and operate more effectively. But it isn’t until our daily systems are disrupted, that we realize which ones are tied to external influencers and which are connected to the sustainable core values we hold, the ones that align with WHO we are rather than WHAT we are doing. We are all reeling from the greatest disruption imaginable. This track will help you reframe and realign your values with what you are doing and respond rather than react to situations.
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Realign daily systems
Disruptions cause lack of organization. Feeling unproductive. Anxiety. Disruptions in our system are from either external influences, or not living according to our inner belief system.That is at the core of our being. Realigning our systems with our core beliefs is key. I've been doing that today. I was out of alignment. Big time. My intention for the day is to get my system realigned with who I am. So far, so good.
I create my life
I create and control my life. No matter happens around me I control how respond to this. Am very grateful and appreciative for this reminder.
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