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Creating Space - For Calm and Clarity

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Victoria Yoga
Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Therapist
A short meditation for when you need a break, a 'Time Out' or more appropriately a 'Time In' with yourself. Creating Space helps us to feel calmer, let go of tension, assess our current situation, and can help us to take a step back and gain clarity. It can give us time and space to process emotions and give us a mental break.
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I noticed I was trying to force space for my breath. Not feeling that there was enough. That when it opened, it would just immediately closed. This was stressful and taking away from my experience. So I tried to see the space that was open without force, and it was in my heart space. Accepting that this is where I have availability today helps me have peace and approach today with love.
Give myself space, particularly when feeling negative emotions or anxiety.