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Creating a Sacred Space

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Neuro-Trauma Informed Mindfulness
Creating an internal space is a wonderful way to relax and feel more deeply rooted in yourself. The more you listen to this track, the more you will create a safe trait within yourself as a way of regulating the body and emotions in stressful situations. If you create a body anchor by placing your hands or arms, in the same way, each time you listen to this meditation, you will remind your body to relax each time you engage the body anchor in real-life situations. This is also an excellent way to go to sleep each night.
From the community
2 reflections
Creating a sacred space to go to was beautiful! I can go there again and again when meditating. Thank you!
Gratitude is a great thing people should practice
I learned that meditation is a good thing thing I feel like I am just noticing that when I meditate my negative thoughts just zap right out of my mind and positive things come to my mind and I really feel god’s presence just makes me feel happy at the end of the night and I really don’t feel stressed anymore I enjoyed the Gratitude meditation today it helped me relax and it took everything off my mind it’s like waking up to a brand new day
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