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Create Happy Thoughts

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Change your mindset in a few seconds. An easy mindfulness practice. Change your energy in just a second.
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Create happy thoughts
This was so nice and easy. Remembering and reveling in your happy memory and thereby changing how you feel right now. Great suggestion to use, to change how you are feeling to a more positive vibration.
The mind and body are so connected. Fortunately also when you need to be energised.
I was reminded that by simply shifting our mindset and focusing in on a happy thought, our energy is altered in the whole body. What a beautifully simple solution for elevating some tension from the body! I very much enjoyed this session.
So much inside
All going around and around the same disc and true essence of my pain and that pain is reflected perfectly in my great love
Create easy hapiness inside
Be happy feel happy happiness all over Smile and feel happy
Want to feel happy in a few seconds?
Try this one... quick and easy and effective... try for yourself and feel
It’s there and in you. Open your hart and feel...............
clean water
the empty lots in our neighborhood are all being developed good for the economy, property values and the families of all the workers disruptive to the people and animals who already live here I enjoy watching the different phases of construction but each time they tie in another waterline a little dirt gets in the system sometimes it gets so bad that it gives off an odd smell which you can taste even after it’s been through the filter which reminds me of just how very fortunate we are to live where clean water almost always comes right out of the faucet.
Feeling better now 🌞🧡
Thinking about things I love to do eventually made me smile and look forward to having these experiences again. When my eyes are closed but seeing happiness it can change my mood. I feel better now. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Sasha Lee
Superficial & difficult to understand
Hi. I’ve been using the app for a few days now & have loved each & every meditation, talk, etc. I’ve listened to 2 meditations from this instructor & she is very difficult to understand...she goes fast & the first one I did was confusing, since one is instructed to repeat the affirmations but she doesn’t give the space if pause for you to repeat after her. This one was difficult to understand and I found it to be superficial. Constructive suggestions. To speak more slowly & go deeper into the subject matter. Otherwise, this app is great!
Create happy
You really got me when you asked how my mouth is. Am I smiling? I am now! It's funny how I forget to smile when I'm by myself. It always makes me feel better. You reminded me that being happy is a mindset. We make a choice to be happy. It's all up to me. I liked this.
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