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Create a Quiet Space

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
A quiet space is vital in this busy and noisy world. Discover how you can simply create one for yourself and how it can lead to increased peace and ease.
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15 reflections
Appreciated the analogy to newfallen snow
I liked the analogy to fresh snow before people and machinery disturb it. I think I’ll visualize that when I need my own personal quiet space—which I think I need to do quite often. As an extrovert, it’s interesting for me to now crave some quiet.
Day 20
I can be lost, not present and thinking of tomorrow. I have the ability anytime to come back to my present self and enjoy, gain perspective, and confront my challenges. Or even just relax.
A quiet space
With how crazy life can be this was actually quiet calming and helpful.
Walter J
The three deep breathes method she suggests is what I have done for years to put myself to sleep at night. It is very effective to help quiet my mind and I rarely remember my third exhale. I never thought about doing it during the day to help me find a quiet space, but I will now. I also related well to the imagery of how beautifully quiet it is after a new snowfall. I have always enjoyed being outside during that time, especially at night. Thanks Cindy & Aura for yet another tool in my meditation tool kit. ❤️☮️🍀
Me Time
I have done these breathing techniques for some years now. And each time still feels like the first. I love this quiet space. We all need to take a few moments for ourselves like this. In our busy lives still take a few moments of clarity.
Quiet Space
This meditation is great! I always feel a little more calm after the practices of Embrace Your Authentic Self. I came into work feeling a little crazy, and after taking the 3 minutes to have my quiet space, I feel a little better, and now I can start my work.
I can have my own quiet place to come to when I am having anxiety.
Peaceful Quiet Space Anywhere, Anytime.
I can create a peaceful, quiet space anywhere, anytime using my breath
Create a Quiet Space
Remember a time of quiet and hold it within. Use the breath to return to this time whenever you need it! Thank you for this tool.
Thank you for bringing me back .
I lapsed into my over thinking. Almost forgetting the basics. 2 days. I love what breathing does for me.
Quiet where there is none
I’m encouraged to keep trying to meditate and in an active environment. Good tips. Namaste
Creating a quiet space
I didn’t realize how important breathing was to your being .It really helps you relax.
Create a quiet space
I didn’t realize how your breathing was so important to your well being. It helps to relax.
I love you people that are always meditating with me
I love you people that are always meditating with me especially when I have had a rough day or a good or just need some time by myself and I really love that when I meditate I just feel god’s presence and god’s peace is always here with me and I learned that when I meditate I feel that soft and quiet in my body and my mind that relaxes me and helps me relax and stay calm and quiet and sleep and I love that it’s always good to meditate and listen to relaxing music at the end of the day that god’s work
Quiet space.
So inviting. I've been in a space very different from my usual calm. It's difficult to adjust back. Back to the center. I feel like I'm caught in a tornado when anger or toxic people are around me. Thank you for this welcome back. 🤗