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Create A Moment of Calm

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Heather Gilmartin, LMSW
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
This meditation practice helps to slow things down when you need a moment of calm. If you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling with excess energy, or have racing thoughts, allow this practice to help you come back to a calm state of mind.
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A moment of peace
I Learned how easy it is to create calmness by taking three deep breaths, releasing the tension in my body, becoming aware of the surface underneath me, and directing my attention to my heart space. I also learned that I can do this practice and cultivate a sense of calm whenever necessary. I noticed that the leather chair on which I am sitting, is the surface underneath me. It is very firm. My favorite part of this meditation , Was focusing on my hard area. I liked the sensation of warmth I felt in my chest during this portion of the practice. After completing this meditation, I found I was so calm I was nearly sleepy. Thank you for introducing me to this practice.
Create a moment of calm
I can create a moment of calm whenever I need, I just have to be in a comfortable position, feeling my breath, my heart, my body
First meditation in years
I noticed that I was able to breathe in and out much deeper while laying down. Not sure why? I felt more in touch with my body while placing my hands on my heart! Great start!