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Cozy Sleep

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
What could be cozier than curling up on your warm bed or couch while gentle rain patters outside your window? Give yourself that dreamy experience with this short meditation. Perfect for a midday power nap, or to prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep.
From the community
11 reflections
LOVED this session. Curling up listening to rain fall is one of my most favorite happy places.
Why I created this meditation
I have to be honest - I’m not a great sleeper. I wake up several times a night and often have trouble falling back asleep. That’s why I haven’t created any sleep meditations until now - it just didn’t feel authentic. However, what I’m REALLY good at is power napping. During the day, I can drop into a deep sleep within moments and wake up feeling completely refreshed after 10-20 minutes. And one of my FAVORITE ways to nap is to curl up on my couch on a rainy day and allow the rain outside my window to sing me to sleep. That’s the experience I tried to re-create for you in this meditation. I’d love to hear how it worked for you!❤️
Peaceful meditation
I really liked this meditation. It was great for a quick work break from my office, even though I couldn’t lay down. The sound of the rain put me at ease. The soothing voice kept me grounded and focused on my breathing. Thank you!
So relaxing 😌
Listening to the gentle rain and the wind chimes was so relaxing. I could have stayed in this calm peaceful state of mind for a very long time. If only there was a way to skip the Aura theme music I would keep listening to this one continuously until I drifted off to sleep 💤
Very calming
I loved this rest meditation. It was very peaceful and helped me become clam before bed. I think I will use this one a lot.
CoZy rest indeed
With snow falling outside and the long day of school work winding down, I needed to take a small break to recharge. It’s too late in the day for me to consume caffeine so this guided rest was a good energy boost for me. I loved her voice! I’m going to listen to my body and listen to this track one more time before getting back to work, but I appreciate the comfort this track gives me
First day
i felt that i was able to escape my thoughts, and learn to focus on my own body.
Cozy Sleep
This meditation is very comforting to help you wind down for restful sleep. It is as if Mother Nature is talking to you through these gentle sounds of rain. Your body feels warm and your mind is still. In this moment, nothing matters. Your body and mind are at peace and you are ready to fall into a deep sleep.😴
James Charles career is gone this is why I loved this sesión it was beautiful
I felt immediately safe and relaxed, this helped me calm down and focus on what’s good now, Thankyou
I learned that it’s okay to notice your body and feelings and accept them and grow from them
There are many things we take normal but there are relaxing and awesome
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