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Covid-19 Series: Love, Hope & Safety

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Through these uncertain times some of us may be feeling anxious, fearful or lonely. This loving-kindness meditation helps us to feel connected, safe and hopeful (even from a distance).
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Heartfelt Wishes
We are in very unique times in which everyone in the world is being affected in some way or another by a common enemy. We are all wanting our loved ones to be safe, cared for and free from suffering. We are all needing security in some fashion or form. In these ways, we are all unified during this time in history. In this beautiful metta or loving kindness meditation, we expand on this unification by repeating heartfelt wishes to ourselves and to others. With my hand over my chest, I began saying these heartfelt wishes to myself. Thinking of someone whom I love, a friend of mine, I began to envision my heart open to theirs and said these heartfelt wishes to them. Thinking of someone in my community, a woman who works at a grocery store, I began to envision my heart open to theirs and said these heartfelt wishes to them. Thinking of someone that I didn’t know, my sister-in-laws cousin, whom is a nurse, came into my mind. Opening my heart to theirs, I said these heartfelt wishes to them. Finally, I envisioned all beings in this world. With all of us holding hands in a great big circle that encompassed the globe, I opened my heart to theirs and said these heartfelt wishes to them. After repeating these heartfelt wishes to myself and to everyone else, my being is filled with such a beautiful light full of love. Because of these uncertain times we find ourselves in, it is more important than ever to show loving kindness to ourselves and others. That is why I say these heartfelt wishes to all of you: May we be safe and free from suffering. May we know how much we are loved and cared for during these times. May we be reminded that we are not alone. May we know that together, we will get through this. Namaste 🙏🏻⭕️❤️☮️
I’m a college student, and I was taking a yoga class. My teacher told us to find yoga flows or meditations and submit them for credit. When I found this meditation and then shared it with her to get credit she was very impressed and said that she was glad I had found something specifically for this time of struggle.
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