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Covid-19 Series: Making the Most of Our Time in Confinement

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Simple questions to inspire us to make the most of our time in confinement: - What ways could I refresh and reset? - What projects or ideas can I create? - What would I most like to learn? - How can I clear the things that drain me? - How can I connect with people close to me? - What can I do for others?
From the community
4 reflections
While it is okay to feel anxious and overwhelmed there are always ways to feel positive
I learnt that it is important to not run away from your feelings but own them and try to do something about it and this session helped me do that. Thanks
In my inside
These 2 last days I have felt sad. I miss so much my family... we used to have lunch or dinner on Sundays but since the pandemic I haven’t seen them. I call them and we make face time but I miss their hugs, my mother kisses and her hands. I’m so lucky to have them alive, I’m so lucky for having the sisters I have and don’t want to complain... still, I feel sad and I want this situation to be in the past soon.
Great topic
Awesome voice, great questions but dreadful doomsday music in the background that definitely took away from content! Shame as great questions, relevant and thought provoking 🌺🙏🏾🦋
Loved it
Made me really calm and positive. Thank you for this. Most of the time you only think about the negative aspects of Corona. But you Are right, normally we have to little time for our plans. So maybe now is the time
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