I did this first thing in the morning rather than when going to sleep and found it very helpful in raising my Courage level. Laying down, getting relaxed and breathing in slowly and deeply a rich green courage that filled my lungs. By breathe #5 it was seeping into my whole body and filling me with the confidence and courage to do whatever I wanted to do and be incredibly successful doing it! I continued breathing deeply and the hypnotic music kept playing until I was transformed back into the unstoppable prime of my 20’s when I was confident to do anything & knew I could not fail. Full of this reignited courage I set the intention of finishing my books, going to the publisher and start my speaking career while they are being scrubbed and published. It is time to take the leap of Faith and do what I was called to do and have been training to do. A grand life awaits me and my re-found Courage. Thanks for such a great meditation!! I suggest everyone take the time and listen to this wonderful tract!! Namaste ❤️💪🏼🍀