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Counting the Breath

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Guided By Kim
Hypnotherapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher
Counting the breath is a wonderful way to shift the mind to quiet down and calm the nervous system, especially when the exhale is longer than the inhale. This is a short practice on counting the breath with the rhythm of 4 (inhale) and 5 (exhale). However, even though this is not a long practice just by focusing on the breath in/out of the nose, then the rise and fall of the breath in the belly, and then this specific count of breath you will be instantly ready for bedtime and a peaceful night's sleep.
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Emotional day
Panic attack earlier. Major change at work… wheels are turning. Scared. Medicated. Just need sleep.
I was out with a friend and was about to watch a movie, but I had to leave early due to a panic attack. I came home and had a long shower and I listened to this afterwards. Breathing really does help me centre myself in a difficult position.
I really liked this exercise. The gentle rhythm of counting was very grounding and I felt myself becoming calmer as I practiced. I will definitely be using this exercise when I need to focus on sleeping.
Very anxious
There’s certain times of the month when I get extra anxious and I can see this pattern happening monthly so even though I am prepared for it, it still upsets me but this quick and easy breath work has helped me in situations when I don’t have a lot of time to myself and I feel anxious