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Correct The Habits You Keep (sample)

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
If you have been wanting to fix something about how you have been living your life, please listen on. This episode is to help you get unstuck, eliminate old habits, and to help you become inspired to build the new success habits that you have wanted. These simple life hacks are the best practices for how to change. This is your road map back to yourself. It's time. If you would like my help to break free please reach out to me. p.s. You can find the full-length episode of this track here in Life Coaching WISDOM. Sending you great love... namaste Dorothy
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Finding the not happy parts
Sitting with the dull boring stuck severely stuck painful scabbed over things, feelings behaviors, thoughts that are not completely in focus but definitely in my peripheral vision. Sometimes it takes a tub bath, a brusk shower. I find water as therapy can break through these days, episodes, stored up, accumulated “toxins” as they are labeled in talk. A good hair washing. Using the large pot to brewed tea. Stepping outside arms reach to sky and several deep breaths. self care has many facets - I appreciate the session on the thirty acts of self kindness that Dorothy presented. It alters course quickly - sometimes.
I feel like I am listening to this for the first time
I see that I’ve Journaled on this before but I have to say it feels fresh. Self-love self care and being responsible to nurture it to claim it and in this exercise it is suggested to write it down and seeing it. You can’t muss that. OK. So tomorrow it would look like a to do list sorta - taking a friend to the bus to catch a plane. Taking Produce to the foodbank returning to the garden and setting about planting seeds including arugula the seeds that I just harvested Planting mixed greens Resting in the afternoon Yoga in the evening Pilates on Tuesday Plant a tree on a pot. I love my life My daughter is due w baby in 15 days or less.
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