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Core Beliefs: How We Perceive Our World

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Cassandra Carlopio
Inner World Work
Core beliefs influence how we interpret our world around us. Einstein once said "the most important decision we make is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe" and this perfectly illustrates the role that core beliefs have on our daily life.
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Core Beliefs
I learned that I should pay attention to my pattern of thoughts. Do I respond to events like I live in a friendly universe or do I act like it’s a hostile environment? Hmmmm...🤔🧐🤨
Core beliefs
I feel like I could think of this scenario a bunch of times happening in my life and I have had both experiences of thinking they didn’t like me and others where I thought they just didn’t see me. I think this depended on how I was feeling at the time and how much I valued the other person and their opinion of me.