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Core Beliefs: How We Perceive Our World

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Core beliefs influence how we interpret our world around us. Einstein once said "the most important decision we make is whether we live in a friendly or hostile universe" and this perfectly illustrates the role that core beliefs have on our daily life.
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Core Beliefs
I learned that I should pay attention to my pattern of thoughts. Do I respond to events like I live in a friendly universe or do I act like it’s a hostile environment? Hmmmm...🤔🧐🤨
Core beliefs
I feel like I could think of this scenario a bunch of times happening in my life and I have had both experiences of thinking they didn’t like me and others where I thought they just didn’t see me. I think this depended on how I was feeling at the time and how much I valued the other person and their opinion of me.
Core beliefs
I learned that I view the world as hostile, not friendly. I would really like to change that.
Coco mags
Self belief
I learned that I must choose to notice that I am feeling guilt instead of shame. With guilt I believe that “I did something bad”, such as having a negative thought or poor self belief.
Core beliefs
I learned that my core belief may be that the world is a generally unfriendly place. I would like to change my core belief about the world. I think logically I know that most people are good and friendly and most places and events are safe. But my fear of being a statistic or a casualty of someone else’s warpath keeps me stuck with a negative world view. I will explore this some more.
Core beliefs
I learnt what a core belief really is. I thought it was values. I now have a greater understanding of how to fully observe what and where my thoughts and behaviour arises from
Core beliefs
I learned the importance of core beliefs and their impact on my experiences in life.
Core beliefs
I learned that I have some hostile core beliefs about travel. I envision the worst case scenario and this prevents me from taking trips, taking average risks, trying new things. I really want to change this.
Your view of the world is important. Your behavior can improve. Practice knowing that you are lovable and can be loved. Try knowing maybe it’s because they didn’t see you instead of oh they don’t like me. your second encounter could even show you that maybe they don’t like you, but since you didn’t come at them angry or spend anytime being upset about it you changed their minds about you because you stayed you and optimistic and unbothered!
Core beliefs
I learned that core beliefs are the reason I react the way I do sometimes. This makes so much sense!
Core Beliefs
I learned that my core beliefs can affect the world around me. I can begin to notice the negative automatic thoughts and try to understand the underlying core belief that is associated with it.
Core beliefs
Our core beliefs affect how we see the world. If we lived in a hostile belief, we tend to put up a wall all the time with dealing with other people. When we see the world in a happier way, everyone you meet seems to be a friend.
Core believes
I learned that the vuca world could be understood through the lens of core beliefs whether we see through a pleasant and unpleasant lenses, we can interpret the world around us in the same way.
I learned that believing you live jn a friendly universe can change thoughts and perceptions, which then can change interactions, relationships and events.
I am hopeful, because of Einstein’s quote, that I can change my reactions to the environment around me and that this can improve my life.
Goedemorgen ✌️☺️🇺🇸🧡🇳🇱
well well well... i need to work really hard on this one. i have A LOT of negative/defensive core beliefs which stem from my childhood and later traumas. let's see if i can manage
I believe we live in a hostile world
I do not trust and that is why I make assumptions or miscalculations of what others are thinking about me
Decide if you believe you live in a hostile or friendly world. It’s as easy as deciding. Choose love, light, safety, compassion, and helpfulness. And that’s what you’ll see
Core beliefs
I noticed that when I am ignored, I automatically go to the They don’t like me, their mad at me, that was rude thoughts. Which puts me in the people pleasing mode. My core beliefs point to not good enough and lack of self love/worth that I need to work on. I can get curious when these thoughts come up and where it is coming from.
I noticed that maybe I have something to work with here and it’s not hopeless.
I will work on my core beliefs about myself. This made me realize that I really do have a lot to work on to reverse some of my own negative beliefs about my worth.
Core beliefs
I learned that core beliefs don’t change. You recognize them to give you insight into your experiences.
Core Beliefs
I didn’t realize what a core belief was and could see how I am affected by mine
Core Beliefs
I need to work on my core beliefs about myself. While I acknowledge and understand the difference it is quite easy to take the hostile route.