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Coping with Loss

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Grief is a normal response to loss. Any loss can be significant and all of your feelings about your loss are valid. This track discusses a couple of strategies to help cope with loss and reminds you to be patient with yourself as you continue to heal.
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4 reflections
I learned that grief does not have a checklist & that multiple emotions can occur at the same time
Kamala Wilson
Grief does not have a checklist to get thru
As a person who likes processes this problematic for me Go with the flow of your emotional energy
Normal feelings.
I learnt that what I have been going through is perfectly normal. After to many people telling me to “snap out of it” or “it’s time to let go” after multiple loss at the same time, to hear some thing (an app) or some say “be patient, it’s normal” is so refreshing and puts me more at ease. You think you going about it wrong all the time trying to get through, but there is no wrong way it’s finding the one that’s right for you.
I am learning to be kind to myself as I grieve… it takes as long as it takes and there is no right or wrong way - there is no set path or map
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