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Conscious Connected Breath Practice

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Watching your breath is one of the most ancient and powerful forms of meditation. Treat this practice like a game as you stay connected to each inhale and each exhale. This is a true presence practice.
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6 reflections
Chest pain
I learned that my chest pain went away as I breathed through this wonderful meditation. That I could acknowledge my thoughts and return to my breath.
New Energy
This meditation is exactly what I needed to bring me back to the present moment. It is a pretty intense session to breath in new energy and breath out all the old negative energy. I’m feeling grounded and ready to get back to my day.
Relaxing music
Love the music on this one! Makes me feel so relaxed! Reflection to short please write more: More More More XD
Softening into Awareness
Our breath is always occurring in the background of our lives. When we take some time to consciously connect to our breath, magical things happen. In this meditation, we connect to our breath using Bradley’s famous cowabunga breath. Before I discuss my experience with this amazing meditation, I thought I’d tell you about the cowabunga breath. It seems difficult to follow at first, but once we figure out the sequence, it isn’t hard at all. This breathwork consists of a 1:1:1:2:2:2:2:1 ratio, where 1 means the nose and 2 means the mouth. So, one round of this breathing technique goes as follows: begin by breathing in through our nose and exhaling through our nose. On our next breath, we breathe through our nose, but exhale through our mouth. On our next breath, we breathe in through our mouth and exhale through our mouth. On the next breath, we breathe in through our mouth, but exhale through our nose. On our next breath, we begin another round of the cowabunga breath technique. Sitting in an upright position, I connected to my breath. Easy inhale, easy exhale. Following Bradley’s guidance, I began doing the cowabunga breath technique. Once I got the technique down, I was able to relax into my breath. Relaxing in my breath, I found myself grateful for being able to breathe and thankful that I had this time to meditate. After doing the cowabunga breath for a time, I placed my tongue on the roof of my mouth and began breathing in and out through my nose. During this time, Bradley stopped talking and allowed me to soften into awareness. Softening into awareness, I witnessed this body breathing. I witnessed thoughts and emotions. I am awareness itself, alert and aware. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I absolutely love how Bradley helps me drop into gratitude and presence so quickly and powerfully. As I sit in the beach for this meditation I felt as if the ocean and sands were breathing right alongside me. I feel charged and radiant. I will use this energy to help me in my path. May I be a better me. Om Mani Padme Hum
The light surrounded me, with no concept of beginnings or endings.
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