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Connecting With Your Inner Child

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Liesl van der Hoven
Meditation Teacher, Artist and Author
Paying attention to our inner child can help us to recognize and accept parts of ourselves that are not fully integrated with our adult self. Connecting with your inner child can be a light and fun exercise to remind our adult self to be more playful and to have more fun. It can also help us to heal wounds from our past. For all of these reasons, it can be good for us to spend some time with our inner child. Background music: Planet Earth by Ajit Pramod Deshpande. Licensed by Sounds Of Nidra.
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Connecting With Your Inner Child
I still have a lot of healing to do. My inner child is yearning to be loved. She’s lonely. She craves love. She wants to be held & hugged. She wants to be trusted. She wants to grow up to be a good person, someone both God & her parents would be proud of.
This morning was my second time listening to this message. Today I actually felt seen and remembered my childhood room. Today made me cry.
My inner child is always with me. We will always be here for each other.
At first I wondered why I chose the adult favorite place that I did. When I connected with my inner child, I realized that place was somewhere she’d always dreamed she’d be. It was magical to make the connection.
Connecting With Your Inner Child
A peaceful space to be with my inner child and share what I want her to know and miraculously have the opportunity to listen to her share her thankfulness for my love and care. I am at peace. 🙏❤️🤍💛
Inner child
The meditation about my inner child was lovely and getting to the door via the stairs made me feel a bit apprehensive because I had fallen down the stairs and was injured. I had no issue’s talking to my younger self but had a very difficult time having my younger self talk to me. It was a big wall I couldn’t pass. I hope to find out why
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