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Connecting to the True Self

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
If you are feeling out of alignment, confused or simply not yourself, this is a mediation to help you connect to the center of your being where your true and authentic self resides.
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Mindful soul
Connecting to your heart area which reflects your true self, your soul. Message was nice but, I struggled to feel my heart area today. I am too distracted I think.
True Self 💓
You can always connect to your truest, most authentic self by looking to your heart for guidance. This was a lovely meditation! I’ll definitely start doing this at least once a day to check in and reconnect with my heart and soul. 🦋
When we aren’t aligned with our true self, we can feel out of sorts. Reconnecting with our heart, truth and authentic self gives us an awareness that we can bring into all areas of our life. In this beautiful meditation, Jaisa has us reconnect by bringing awareness to our breath and heart. While I try to feel embodiment periodically throughout my day, I woke up feeling somewhat groggy this morning. It could be that I have had a variety of things to do this week, thinking about my beautiful boy, Montee and his paws or a combination of the two. Either way, I have been feeling wore out. Sitting in an upright position, I became aware of my breath. Breathing deeply, I became aware of how my diaphragm expanded and collapsed. I noticed the subtle movements of my shoulders and the simple rising and falling of my chest. Becoming aware of the sensations of breathing in these areas, I could feel my energy levels begin to rise. Switching awareness from my breath to my heart, I began to feel and hear the sound of my own heartbeat. Just by taking a few moments to be with my heart, I could feel a reconnection with my authentic self awaken. While connected, I spoke the following words: every day and in every possible way, I trust my intuition and the powers of my subconscious. After saying those words, I sat quietly, listening for anything that may be said back to me. I didn’t receive any words, but I did feel sensations of love and lightness grow within my heart and body. This gave me an added boost of energy as well as a gentle smile on my face. Reconnected with my heart, I will allow it to guide me. Reconnected with my truth, I will speak truth. Reconnected with my authentic self, I will listen more to my intuition and less to my ego mind. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I felt joy and contentment when listening to the happy little bird
I feel connected and at peace when surrounded by sounds of nature.
Walter J
Bringing the heart & soul together with the mind & body felt like a warm & friendly family reunion. Everyone is happy, laughing, reliving good times & promising to stay in touch more often... exactly what I need to do with myself!! Namaste, 😄❤️🍀
Connecting To The True Self
Take time to tune in to your heart and listen. You will find your true self. Listen to it.
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