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Connect with Loved Ones in Heaven....

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Lost someone you really miss a friend, family.......maybe lost a dog a cat? Can you feel them? How can we connect with love and peace? Connect right now and feel the energy around you. The energy of love and peace and divine light.
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Thank you
I miss you Mum, there was no better friend. You gave me much more than life and if I had the choice I would swop places. But I know that inside I have a piece of you and you took a piece of me with you. One day we shall meet again and I will scold you for leaving me and love you for giving me the strength to go on without you.
Who do you miss ?
Parents, a friend, husband, wive, child,family , pet... Connect with them true your hart feelings. Get into a deep feeling and connect.... feel their energy.
Who do you miss ?
Don’t be afraid to connect with loved ons who left us. Feel there energy inside.
Does a butterfly reminds you of someone who is past away?
Feathers, birds other strange things you see and reminds you of someone who is gone out of your life? Connect with them in this meditation... feel them🙏💚
Connect with missing soulmates
Connect deeply with you feelings and share them with the ones you miss🙏
Get in contact with the ones in heaven
Feel the love of the souls you miss and conect with love and peace with them💚🙏
Who are you missing?
Connect to them with your hart. Din’t be afraid if you connect with love. And with your hart beautiful feelings will flow🙏💚
Connect with a pet or loved one...
We often miss pets or friends, family, loved ones who are not more here with us. But we can connect. Feel there loving energy flowing...
Connect with loved ones
Great way to channel you energy in a positive way with love. We have all lost loved ones or pets that we cherished. I will be remembering that love as I go through my day!
A possible glitch in the recording
I was really looking forward to this and felt it would help me lift myself out of a depressed mood. I don’t believe the meditation ran in it entirety. I will try again later and am sure this will be addressed. Meanwhile I am sure other meditations can help. with gratitude, MK
Linking beyond....
If I continue to love and think of a person I never consider them truly gone. Sometimes they can be more present to me then when they were living and we would spend time together, because I can no longer shield myself and share just a part of myself with them, but they now experience my entire being. Namaste
I’ve never thought of healing sadness with the memory of a lost loved one. But sadness is really about loss of connection. Remembering that we are always connected, here on earth and beyond is immeasurable. Today I will remember to allow the knowledge of ancestral connection and communication to live bright in moments of loss and sadness.
More calm and peaceful
I felt very relaxed throughout this entire meditation. I wasn’t able to feel a connection with the left one that I had in mind, but I have a more calm and peaceful feeling inside. Thanks Irene 💚
Building up inner strength to give it all away
The more one give away the more space exist inside to be build up with even more fantastic things to wish upon others.
I’m having trouble quieting my mind today. My old roommates moved out this week and it triggered a lot of anxiety. Not sure how to find peace right now.
Grand daddy
I felt the presence of my grandfather. Q.V Mass is still praying & protecting Us.
I struggled with this neditation today because I was not actually in the mood for it but instead I tried to tick it off my todo list
I started....
I started yawning through this. And it surprisingly worked
I didn’t feel so much of a presence but I did feel relaxed.
I felt anxious at the beginning and then...
I loved it, I realized that I should practice this every day and stop avoiding it
Connect with loved ones in heaven
I feel more connected with them, I feel them more, their breath, their voices, their touches and everything about them💛. This is very good, it makes you feel like a dream and I love it💛.
I cried for the first time today since I lost my Brothers. Pain body showed up from the trauma. Awareness on the rise!! Guess it’s time for me to get healed.
Totally relaxed
I just happened to be laying on memory foam so I envisioned my feet were so heavy they sunk way down into the foam. A nice way to relax after a full day. Namaste
Connect with Loved Ones in Heaven
I was only able to listen to the shorter version due to time restraints. It was a relaxing meditation and I am looking forward to hearing the longer version.
My Mother
I want to hear the longer version but this did help me visualize my mother who had passed long ago, miss her so much.
Focus Concentration
i have learnt that sometimes you just should concentrate on the things which make you happy, concentrate on yourself to get self-confidence
I remembered him more clearly with the help of meditation. It's ok what happened and he is in a better place now.
that the shorter version just gets cut all of a sudden. need better editing :(
Didn’t actually do any connecting
Nothing from this one, was cut off or poorly edited. Began as a regular meditation and then ended before getting to the connection part.
first time
I learned that it's okay to accept that you don't feel good. it's okay to not be good all the time. I feel so much better now though! good night!
Missing A Loved One
Today marks three years since the passing of my dad. It hasn’t been an easy day for my mom and I. Therefore, we decided to listen to Irene’s meditation. After listening to this meditation, the color green surrounded us and we both felt a soothing and peaceful feeling overcome us in our heart chakra. However, we didn’t feel a connection to the energy. Thank you Irene for such a beautiful meditation! Your words were very comforting! 🙏🏻❤️
Because today marks my late dad’s 69th birthday, I wanted to try and connect with him to wish him a happy birthday. I settled in my chair, took in a few deep breaths into my belly and became aware of my heart chakra. Beginning to breath solely through my heart chakra, I began to see and feel the color green surround me, as I was connecting to the Earth through my feet. I felt very grounded in this moment. Becoming aware of my mind’s eye with my palms facing upwards on my legs, I could sense this white light in the room. Out of nowhere, I was surprised as some uncomfortable sensations began to rise in my heart. Even though it wasn’t pleasant, I allowed and accepted these feelings to be with me. As I began to think of a fond memory of my dad and I together, these uncomfortable sensations turned into more comfortable sensations. My awareness went back to my mind’s eye and I sensed this white light in the room again. Welcoming this white light to approach and surround the chair in which I sat in, I began to notice a smile on my face. Through my mind’s eye, I sensed my dad. Love and peace filled my entire being as I told him how much I loved him. Happiness filled my entire being as I wished him a happy birthday. Soon afterwards, I opened my eyes and this white light had vanished. However, I can still sense this loving and peaceful energy all around me. Thank you! 🙏🏻☺️ Dad, as you dance among the angels in celebration of your birthday today, may you sense the love and appreciation we feel for you! Happy Birthday! 🥳 I love you! 💕
Dealing With Loss
I learned that death and losing a loved one or a beloved pet is apart of life. I understand that dealing with loss isn’t the easiest thing to do because we ate connected to a loved one or pet sentimentally. I remember a dark time in my life where I had so many hard life events to deal with to the point where I couldn’t deal with it all at once and became so depressed I couldn’t function. I started becoming someone no one in my life recognized . Eventually I became the person I am today because of every hard life event I went through. Always remember things do get better
The Third Eye observes
Very relaxing, from yet another perspective, to connect to the universe. Namaste
Embracing the loved one
This helped me through my grief as I was close to my father who passed away. I felt connection with him as I was daddy’s little girl.
I felt abandoned.
I learned nothing from this meditation. I felt no connection. I was expecting the session to give me guidance in connecting with a deceased loved on, but it just ended abruptly with heavy feet and went to the sound of waves. This sessions title is misleading.
I was waiting for the guidance on how to connect with loved ones in the past but it ended with heavy feet and the birds and water…