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Connect with Loved Ones in Heaven

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Lost someone you really miss a friend, family.......maybe lost a dog a cat? Can you feel them? How can we connect with love and peace? Connect right now and feel the energy around you. The energy of love and peace and divine light.
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Thank you
I miss you Mum, there was no better friend. You gave me much more than life and if I had the choice I would swop places. But I know that inside I have a piece of you and you took a piece of me with you. One day we shall meet again and I will scold you for leaving me and love you for giving me the strength to go on without you.
Who do you miss ?
Parents, a friend, husband, wive, child,family , pet... Connect with them true your hart feelings. Get into a deep feeling and connect.... feel their energy.
Who do you miss ?
Don’t be afraid to connect with loved ons who left us. Feel there energy inside.
Does a butterfly reminds you of someone who is past away?
Feathers, birds other strange things you see and reminds you of someone who is gone out of your life? Connect with them in this meditation... feel them🙏💚
Connect with missing soulmates
Connect deeply with you feelings and share them with the ones you miss🙏
Get in contact with the ones in heaven
Feel the love of the souls you miss and conect with love and peace with them💚🙏
Who are you missing?
Connect to them with your hart. Din’t be afraid if you connect with love. And with your hart beautiful feelings will flow🙏💚
Connect with a pet or loved one...
We often miss pets or friends, family, loved ones who are not more here with us. But we can connect. Feel there loving energy flowing...
Connect with loved ones
Great way to channel you energy in a positive way with love. We have all lost loved ones or pets that we cherished. I will be remembering that love as I go through my day!
A possible glitch in the recording
I was really looking forward to this and felt it would help me lift myself out of a depressed mood. I don’t believe the meditation ran in it entirety. I will try again later and am sure this will be addressed. Meanwhile I am sure other meditations can help. with gratitude, MK
Linking beyond....
If I continue to love and think of a person I never consider them truly gone. Sometimes they can be more present to me then when they were living and we would spend time together, because I can no longer shield myself and share just a part of myself with them, but they now experience my entire being. Namaste
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