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Connect to Your Inner Power

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
There are external resources and there internal resources that can help us navigate life on this earth. With the trust and curiosity that mindfulness brings we can access our innate resources for wisdom, compassion and healing. Through the power of the present breathing body and the energy flowing within our deepest sense of self we can connect to our inner power.
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11 reflections
Walter J
The 7 min version was well constructed with long times of no words. Thus leaving ample time to just Be... I saw several flashes of light during these “quiet times” which was cool. Could feel my chest both thumping and rising & falling with each heartbeat & breathe which was reassuring and calming. Overall, I felt it was a very relaxing way to allow my power center to re-energize like a battery charging up. ❤️💥🍀
Just tired
When I connect to my highest soul I just wanna sleep. Really.
Centering and connecting
Wow, this sequence came as if it was sent to me. My morning started out beautifully and went a little out of wack around me. I felt what I observed scratching on my „inner column“, which gives me hold when my surroundings seem to muddy the water. So, this sequence strengthened what I felt to lose grip on. Thank you, because in the end i learned that if the column starts wobbling, it is because i might let my surrounding dominate my stability. And it was good that I kept believing that it can stay stable and searched for reassurance and found it.
Higher Self
Wow! What a fantastic meditation to begin our day with! In this meditation, we find our higher self through mindfulness of our breath in our chest, the place behind our belly button and then converging the two in our spinal column. With curiosity and trust, I became aware of my breathing in my heart space. With each breath, I could feel my heartbeat pulsate throughout my entire body. With curiosity and trust, I became aware of my breathing in the place behind my belly button. With each breath, I could feel my inner wisdom becoming awakened. With curiosity and trust, I became aware of my breathing in both areas, the neurons in my spinal column racing from my sacrum all the way up to the top of my head, waking up my chakras along the way, I had arrived at my higher self. Wow! What a wonderful feel my soul! I am relaxed, but excited! I am at peace, but awakened! My heart chakra is overflowing with gratitude! I really enjoyed this meditation. With this practice , I know I can return to my higher soul. It’s a beautiful feeling! Namaste 🙏🏻☮️❤️😊
Wish I could say...
that I had gotten quite what my good friend Cherish did out of this lesson this morning. But I found that I simply wasn't connecting in the same way she did! My breath wasn't coming smoothly, as I'm feeling somewhat congested this morning, which I think made it harder to create the breath pattern needed to accomplish anything here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Love this
Really centering and powerful meditation. It has become my favorite. It is so simple yet so profound to know you can always get in touch with your deepest self.
Calm and the energy flowing a powerfull energy and thoght about life and death saw the stsrs coming
On my way just like when i was a kid in my gramma’s home @ sp
Belly button
When I was a little girl my best friends lived right on the inside of my belly button. We had a garden there. Green pastures and still waters.... Today your session reminded me that they still live there.
Getting In Touch With Myself
I learned that by simply focusing and breathing, I can reach my inner soul and connect with it on a powerful, spiritual level.
I was feeling pretty down but
Listening to this made me realize how much I have to give. How much I am worth. Thank you.
I was literally brought to tears
I connected so deeply with this meditation that it took me on a path down memory lane. The moments just flowed naturally like little flashes of my past self. As I thought about my heart & lung space certain memories were triggered in a beautiful slide show. Same for when I thought of my gut space. Except with that came also a sense of deep grounding and I found myself pulled toward other more existential moments in my life. Moments in nature or in awe of something greater than myself. As I thought about my spine I could feel the waves moving up & down it triggering much older memories that connected so deeply with my truest nature that it brought me to tears. To connect with that inner me. That child like wonder and hope. It was like seeing a long lost sister. Thank you. Truly
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