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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
When you live a busy lifestyle, with much to do, you may tend to disconnect from yourself and from others. We move about on autopilot and begin to feel alone and isolated. Learn how to reconnect with your life today!
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Connecting to life
I noticed that I do often go on autopilot and forget to savor the moments of making a deep connection with the people in my life. I like how it mentioned to not think about what I’m going to say next, but to truly listen deeply. I often forget that my friends and partner are people still experiencing this life too, along side me and in their own perception as well.
She speaks my truth
Yes, when busy I disconnect from people and feel isolated. I go on autopilot and don’t enjoy anything. Everything becomes an item on the list to (hopefully) get done and cross off to get to the next task. I lived this and am trying to get to some of the things I put off while do busy. The next step is to try to recharge and then finding my way to a more balanced life. Again, though, I heard the problem outlined, but less about how to change. I’m working on it, but I need ideas on how to do it...and how not to end up where I was again.
We need to learn to not judge others or ourselves. We need to truly listen to others. Everyone has a story so be kind and smile. As you go about your day today, take a moment to be mindful of this and notice the ripples. ❤️
Connect to Life
I learned that it’s important for us to truly see people and connect with ourselves and connect with them. Do not judge ourselves or others! To truly connect with people we must smile and acknowledge all who we come in contact with. We must truly listen and open our heart. This meditation truly helped me because I’m in a funk and this truly helped me to remain my happy self and connect with people and don’t let the negativity win. Even on the hard days we must look for the good and want to connect with others and life. Namaste 🧘🏼‍♀️
Back to Reality
Lately I’ve been really busy with life, my job is a 7 on 7 off but honestly I felt at work all the time, and I never stopped to sit back and relax and enjoy time with the ones I love. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me realize what is really important in life: love and connections. I’ll definitely be using this as a regular session :)
Kindness Walk
This life coaching session was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t aware that the focus was about the importance of kindness. I was especially intrigued with the intentional “Kindness Walk” that Cindy mentioned, silently blessing those you pass with, “May you feel happy; may you feel safe.” My walks are usually with my dog in less traveled places, however I may begin to start taking intentional kindness walks in town. 💕🌺💕
I learned that paying attention to others around me needs to happen more often. I get so caught up with my busy life that I forget to truly connect with my loved ones.
To always think about the person themselves. Look deeper, listen deeper
The choices you have may not be the only ones. Thing of alternatives
Stop isolating ones self
Sad and depressed
Feeling very sad and depressed today. I also just got my period so it’s very much emotion overload. These sessions are comforting but I still can’t stop crying right now.
There can be positive effects or negative effects by how you react
Working too much
I need to stop working 75 hours a week and get back to connecting with my family and friends. I’ve lost track of everything and every one the past 5 years .. quarantine has helped me slow down and I like being aware
Find a balance between work and family. Time with work seems to go by fast, time with family seems to go by slow. Yet, Majority of thoughts/time/effort lives within work
Listen deeply
It’s important to be present and listen without thinking about what to say next. Listen deeply and connect. Before judging, ask yourself “I wonder who this person is, what are their dreams, goals, struggles, what is their story.”
To take a break. To take stock and acknowledge the true beauty around me. That is life.
Off center
I am struggling with finding my center. Pain and exhaustion are getting the best of me and it’s scaring me, badly! I’m not used to feeling this way😢 I am Grateful for all the amazing people in my life who get me and hold space for me 🙏🏼 I need to be in trust more!! Thankful for Aura 🙌🏼
I need to slow down for my own self! Connect to life and what I need ! Everyone needs things but yo need to help myself too!
I feel lonely / out of center …
You even can disconnect while having „nothing“ to do… I had a 50 + hours office job, my husband had an affair (👉divorce), my mum suffered from dementia for 10 years and died. I lost my Job and consequently my house and burned out, lost my friends. My father got cancer, a stroke and decided to suicide. I do not have brothers or sisters nor kids-, no friends - I‘m alone … I coped with all obstacles, I cared for everybody/ everything, helped, spent my ears,… but now my problem is having pangs, no power, being bored, being tired of everything, no idea what would make me happy… in spite of doing a lot of sport (yoga, TrailRunning, rowing) and Meditation. I feel bored, lonely… without the sense of life…
Find what matters in life
When I get so caught up in my head, I feel numb to the outside world. Nothing can penetrate me because I refuse to let anything go through. As a result, I lose my emotional connection to other people around me, especially the ones I love. This makes me feel so pained. This meditation taught me to stop, and really listen to others, cherishing the time spent with those around me, being present during every second.
Remember to not be so busy with your life that you become disconnected for everyone. Take time