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Confirmation Bias

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
We so often subconsciously look to confirm our beliefs about ourselves and the world, thereby strengthening beliefs that might be inhibiting us, and not seeing the world or others around us.
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Bias, especially confirmation bias keeps me locked into beliefs that are no longer true or useful. I cannot hear or ponder new ideas or consider social change when the blinders of my past thinking obscure any vision for a better present or future.
Learning to take compliments
I have always been unable to truly accept a compliment when it was given. I realized that it was bc I was lacking a really strong sense of self and positive attributes I have working for me. Now, I make myself smile and say thank you and then I make myself believe it. The world we live in today is not the friendliest, so if someone is giving you a compliment, believe them. You are a wondrous creation.
Confirmation bias
I enjoyed learning more about this. I think that I will be more aware of my own biases in regards to this and will try to use these biases in a constructive and mindful way.
I have gone my whole life believing what I already “know” to be true, rather than seeing the evidence that is right in front of me. The negative self talk, even subconsciously, is stronger than any words of positive affirmation, praise, or compliments. The lies I choose to believe are old. Very old. I know it intellectually, but I am having a hard time letting my heart feel that.
Confirmation bias
Yes I do all of these things a lot of the time. I need to learn to think about how I can change the way I react to compliments and a whole range of different things
Confirmation bias
I do this but I think my son does it and it holds him back. I guess we all do it. Good to be aware of it
Confirmation bias
We all do this sub consciously and the key take away from this lesson is being able to recognise this and change our thinking, too often I realise this to late and the major thing I need is to be able to identify this earlier and interrupt that thought process
Confirmation Bias
Our beliefs and automatic, subconscious opinions tend to filter the information we take in. If we don’t take a step back and analyze this filter, we may be taking things the wrong way, skewed by our beliefs. Negative feelings and behavior are a frequent result of confirmation bias, especially for emotionally charged topics, so if learn to analyze our beliefs and thoughts objectively, we may manage our feelings and behavior better.
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