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Compatibility Is Seasonal!

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Life Coaching
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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
On this spiritual journey, you will outgrow some of your close friends and other relationships, it`s important for you to recognize the signs so you`ll know how to approach this new season!
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Compatibility is Seasonal
Love you Teena!! You always tell it like it is. I feel like I’m sitting in the room talking to you. You touch my soul. Thank you ❤️
People serve a purpose in our lives and not every relationship is meant to for ever. Everything is temporary, a season and a purpose that helps us grow. I know I am growing spiritually and I will outgrow some relationships and that’s ok. Because it’s time to heal some wounds. 🌙✨💕
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Please add more sessions on friendships. Need more therapy, meditation, etc for working through friendships.