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Compassionate Listening

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Life Coaching
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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Deep and present listening is rare in most of our lives. We all just want to be heard, here's how!
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I tend to be the “designated listener”. Lots of people like to seek me out for advice or comfort. I find that I do typically listen deeply to their plights. But sometimes I see a clear path to resolution for them, and will interrupt before they’re truly finished. Just to get the thought out into the world. So I don’t forget it or let it change as I hear more. I hope I’m of some use and/or comfort to those whom I allow to unload upon me! I like to think I am!
Just listen
I have the problem where I want to fix everything for everyone. It never really occurred to me to ever simply listen and not make an opinion or come up with a solution. Until now.
An Example
Cindy, my friend, this is Amazing! Much of what you share is true. Yet, I have found it challenging to put into practice: you want to make things right or find a solution. My best example of Deep Listening was a woman who shared her thoughts for 90 minutes. At the end, she said “You are a great conversationalist.” Amazing! For 90 minutes I hadn’t uttered more than 10 words. ❤️🙏☮️
Compassionate Listening
Especially in today’s day and age, we often talk over one another trying to get our point across and in the end, nobody was listening at all. This can lead to one or both feeling negative thoughts of isolation and frustration in the relationship. Sadly, it is true that we often do not truly listen to one another. We seem so busy that we nonchalantly talk and listen to each other. For instance, we ask each other how we doing and often the reply is good and we move on. But, what if the respond is ‘not good’, but rather, ‘I’m really struggling right now’. Are we honestly ready to stop everything and truly give this person our undivided attention? In this powerful Life Coaching session, Cindy teaches us how we can become better listeners by way of compassionate listening. When someone is in a time of need, we first need to become aware of our breathing, recognize our own thoughts and feelings without judgement and become mindful of the present moment. We can then welcome their thoughts and feelings into our hearts as we listen. Even though this can be very hard to do, it is very important that we just listen, without any interruptions or judgments. Then and only then is true compassionate listening taking place. If we can learn to be more compassionate listeners, our relationships with others not only will strengthen, but will flourish! Being there with a compassionate ear is one of the best gifts of kindness and care we can give to others! After all, we all just want to heard!
Just listen...
I may not always interrupt but I do usually have thoughts and opinions that don’t always need to be offered. I need to work on being here for others and to just listen to what they have to say.
Compassionate Listening
I really enjoyed this session and agree that we all need to learn to listen better. We need to learn to hear not respond, give advice or judge. God please open up our ears and hearts to you and others. Help us to truly start listening and being more compassionate.
I feel aware of things like my mind is open
I need listen and stop being so wuick to throw my opinion in
Be patient
I learned to be patient and calm without trying to panic with feedback
Compassionate Listening
I learned that I need to better master my emotions in conversations and listen instead of reacting.
Love ❤️
If you love someone no matter what happened between the two of you don’t just decide just listen to your heart ❤️.
Compassionate Listening 4/15/20
I learned that I truly feel alone because I am the listener for all my friends and family. None of them take the time to listen to me and I am carrying a heavy load. What is harder is that I have asked significant others to listen - just listen - and they are not willing to do this for me - to help me through hard things. Why? Why can’t people give back?
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