Our breath is so powerful. We can shape our breath to increase our focus or energy or as in the case with this soothing meditation, we can guide our breath to places in our body where we might be feeling some discomfort, pain or hurt to show ourselves some kindness and compassion. I decided to listen to this meditation because there have been parts of my body that have been especially tense and in need of some extra loving tender care. Sitting down, I set an intention to bring open and curious awareness to my body and then I focused on my breath. Feeling the cycle of my breath, I felt my body relax more in the here and now. As I placed my hands on a few parts of my body that needed some extra loving tender care, I also brought my breath to comfort those areas. Giving myself this time to compassionately breathe into these areas of my body never felt so good! I am so grateful for showing up for myself in this manner because my mind, body and heart are now aligned! Thank you, Jaisa! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️