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A Somatic Practice For Emotional Release

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
This meditation is an exercise in self-compassion. By gently breathing into any difficult emotion we are feeling, we allow that emotion to feel total acceptance. After that, it usually feels safe enough to release on its own.
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8 reflections
Emotions...feelings of guilt
I'm In a tough space, trying to let go of what I'm use to and embrace the changes. Guilt would allow me to stay in situations that I no longer wanted to be in. Not speaking up for myself would cause me to engage in behaviors that I didn't need to. In finding my voice, it's still hard for me to speak up because when I do and my actions follow, others get hurt and that's never my intention. Guilt hits me heavy and I'm battling the newness of moving forward and not staying because of my guilt for the hurt I've caused and choosing what I want and need and the desires of my heart yarn for.
Compassionate observer
We can relate to emotions and reactions as compassionate observers. They come to visit and we treat them kindly even if we’d have chosen different visitors. When not the ones we’d choose we need not be upset by them. When the ones we’d choose we can be grateful for them.
I learned that I am not a selfish person with others. I am very selfish with myself but I shouldn’t be. I am a good decent person, I do share with others; my time, knowledge, money, thoughts, concerns. I tend to put myself last, give myself the least, the scraps; judge myself harshly.
Emotional Rescue
Accept what you’re feeling... The emotion is likely there for a reason. Maybe to show you something... then, let it go...
The most powerful meditation I’ve done yet.
Recognizing where the body feels tension, tightness or pain (for me, my throat tightening), then calling forth what emotion is prevalent with that part of your body without judgment (fear; fear to tell someone I love them; fear to accept that I am in love and I am afraid because I have no control over this feeling). Recognizing it may be there for a reason, to show or teach you something (I feel that fear in my throat, because I’m afraid to speak/name/accept a truth my subconscious already knows); to befriend that emotion without judgment—“fear, I see you, and I’m here for you.” This specific part of the meditation was so unbelievably powerful it made me cry. It was a much needed release. I acknowledged that while calling forth this emotion of fear, my mind started to wander to what i might say about that fear to the person I love, what i want to do about it next...i allowed that thought to appear, but was able to return my focus to the emotion itself. “Fear, I see you, and I am here for you.” Acknowledge that emotion, name it, and befriend it. I felt the fear start to naturally fall away, the tension in my throat start to release. Thank you.❤️
I learned that it will take time to adjust to meditation. It is difficult for my body to relax
That felt so good
I just let my mind rest it was really lovely and I feel better. Thank you
That was good
I felt so much tension leaving my mind and body. I feel very relaxed now…
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