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Compassion As The Bridge

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
On our path to inner peace, we start with where we are. We can't go directly from experiencing agitation to feeling joy. We first need to build a bridge to feeling better, and self-compassion is the best foundation for that bridge. When we attend to difficult emotions with tenderness, we can restore our natural zest for life, which often gets lost when our minds are clouded with worry or anxiety. Photo by Aleksandr Barsukov on Unsplash
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3 reflections
My mind was feeling agitated this morning. I could feel this making my whole body tense. This session starts out with taking a deep breath focusing on a bright golden light in your heart’s center .On your exhale this golden light travels from your heart to your mind. When this golden light reached my mind, it felt like it was a soothing warm hug which I felt my mind start to calm down and my body relax. Then I repeated the phrases May I be well. May I be free. We should always show compassion to ourselves first before offering it to others. It is self care. When we care for ourselves it keeps our bucket full to be able to give back to others. Christina tells you to visualize in your minds eye someone you care for that is struggling and to step into their shoes for a moment. My best friend came to mind that has been dealing with some health issues for a little over a year now. Today she sees the doctor again to hopefully get a new treatment to help. As I thought of myself in her shoes, sending that golden light from my minds eye to her to give her strength and hope. I really hope she receives some good news today. The last year for her has been absolute hell. Then, you visualize a part of the world that is suffering and step into their shoes for a moment. Think about how they could be feeling and send that golden light to them for healing. My thoughts were with all of those people suffering from the corona virus. On my journey back to self care, I am crossing over a bridge surrounded by a golden light that is leading me to a path of calmness. My heart is full of love and light for myself and others. I am left with a feeling of calm all over. Great session that I will visit.❤️🙏💫
Glad I listened
Agitation is now much better! Just what I needed to calm my mind.
A way to put ourselves in another’s shoes and feel their suffering. Namaste
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