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Comfort the Nervous System

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation is like a hug for your nervous system.
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Comfort the nervous system
This is a great meditation for comforting not only your nervous system, but your mind and your whole body! Cassandra has a lovely voice and she uses just the right timing as she takes you through your body releasing tension from head to toe. This is definitely one of my favorites!
What a great meditation to put your system at ease. The warm hug image really helped to calm me
Everything is OK, we’ll get through this
Hearing those words really helped. I live in Northern California very close to the largest forest fire in the US right now. Almost 30% of the county where I live has been scorched by this fire. Two years ago fires burned 21% of our county. My town is full of people camping in the parks because they’ve been displaced from their homes. These fires come every year and every year they get worse. The air is so bad we have to keep the house closed up. we can’t open the windows and the sky is gray and overcast. I’ve closed the drapes and put some nice lighting in my room and I’m going to concentrate on mindfulness today in order to keep myself calm. The winds are in a northerly direction which should protect us. I really don’t think that we are in danger however the fire is threatening the community just to our north and there are advisory evacuations in place. Writing this has helped calm me as well. I am bedridden and confined to a wheelchair when I do get out of bed and evacuation would be very hard on me physically. But what I have learned from these meditations is that what really matters is how I react to the circumstances that’s the only thing I can control. I can’t control the fire or the smoke, I can only control how I react. That is great advice, now I just have to keep reminding myself, “Everything will be ok. “. 😊🌸
Comfort the nervous system
I need to comfort my nervous system more often. I really needed this!
Everything OK
As an adult it’s just so nice to hear “everything is ok” now and then.
Everything OK
As an adult it’s just so nice to hear “everything is ok” now and then.
Helps MS
I felt that with Multiple Sclerosis, the best way to wake up is with a hug to the Nervous System. This meditation felt incredibly supportive and helpful on a hard physical morning. Thank you! 👍🏻
I was carrying so much tension that is now gone!!!
I need to relax more and not be so fight or flight Life is too short to be so tense!!
On edge
I’m so on edge. I think my nervous system is always just on the edge of panic, like I’m in danger. I guess sometimes I just need to slow everything down
Comfort for the nervous system
I suffer from m.e. This is a meditation I could use to help with my pains and help change my focus. Thank you x
I learnt that stopping and refocusing on my breathe works great. I hold my breath alot then let my mind tell me how scary this appt today will be. This meditation helped ground me and calm the voices in my head. Thank you 😊
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