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Color Breathing

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation uses simple imagery to help the listener access their breath using a color.
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When I close my eyes and listen to music, I see colors. My ophthalmologist has no clue as to why this occurs. He has never heard of such a thing or had a patient who has mentioned anything like this to him. The fact that this occurs with me made this meditation so easy for me. Color breathing really worked for me. My living room became the most glorious, beautiful green with my exhales. Very calming and now I am off to sleep.
Cassandra has you visualize a color on your inhale that will nourish your body. Then on the exhale you also visualize this color. Red was my color of choice in the beginning of this meditation. Then it switched to yellow, to green, and then back to red by the end. This meditation left me wondering why I choose those colors.
I felt like I was running all day on a treadmill at work. Not really getting anywhere, far from my destination, way behind. But it’s just one day and tomorrow I can and will catch up!!!
I settled in my chair, closed my eyes and became aware of the space around me. My awareness quickly turned to my breathing and noticed the subtle rising and falling of my belly and my chest. With each breath, I visualized the color of yellow entering my body, waking up every one of my cells. With each out breath, I visualized this color of yellow fill the space around me. After a few minutes of inhaling and exhaling this color of yellow, I became aware of the space around me and opened my eyes. So nourishing....so freeing! Having been filled with this color of yellow, a sense of aliveness and gratitude overcame my Being. Today is going to be a great day! Namaste 🌞❤️☮️
Rainbow 🌈
Cassandra’s soothing voice guides you to visualize breathing in a color that will provide nourishment to your body. The colors in a rainbow 🌈 came to mind this morning. As I breath in all these bright colors, I could feel my body waking up and smiling. And, as I exhale spreading this brightness all over my body leaving me with a playful happy feeling.
Nourishing color
becaus I was focused on changing the color 3 beaths one color and one a transitioning color.. my mind did not wonder that much.. and I also wasn’t using that much brain power to count the breaths or think of the color
Blue breath
Felt the nourishment of the cool air that I normally take for granted in a new way. Definitely worth returning to for relaxation/mindfulness
Purple breath
I felt like a rich purple breath was most nourishing today :)
Green breath
Proved to be more of a recharge than I anticipated at midnight just trying a new app for the first time.
Color Breathing
With each breath, I chose a color of a chakra. I am interested in practicing this meditation more often
Relaxed and calm
Work tension resolves and I can sence that I can do work with more calm mind ☺️
I used the colour of the setting sun, warm and relaxing.
I could concentrate on my breathing by visualising a colour.
Aligned consequences
It’s my second day journaling for 5 min. I’m currently waiting for Yaseen to get his COVID test and i just finished the mindfulness meditation because I was experiencing some overwhelming feelings this morning. The boys left snacks out overnight in their room; a rule that was bent so they could watch a movie. So this morning after the salat I made this stay awake and clean the entire house. Hindsight, I’m thinking now that perhaps the consequence of cleaning the entire house wasn’t exactly aligned(although now the chores are done for the day!). A more aligned consequence I think would be for me to hold them accountable by checking in before they fall asleep. In a future instance similar to this one I can instead of telling them they had earned a “morning with me” after salat, I can bring to light that the snacks that had been left out, instruct them to clean it up and then verbalize that I’ll have to think about a consequence (synonym?). I feel a huge release as I type and understand more clearly how I would like to set future goals in this area and I can now move on with the rest of my day. OBSERVATION ☝🏽 I never realized or allowed myself to become fully aware of the fact that I experience lots of anxiety while wearing my niqab. I’m noticing now as I sit in the car in a public plaza that I’m fearful of others looking at me and more so the fact that I can’t be comfortable and flip back due to there being no tints on the front seat. I feel the knot in my throat releasing and the tightness in my chest subsiding when I get more air during the flip back. I immediately calm down when I feel the air on my face and in my nostrils.
Green breath
Not even sure why green ...I just let it b...let the color make itself known to me and it was green... Much less work anxiety once session was over. hoping for a better work day today!
Slim shady
I am a fighter! I have an abundance of energy, redirecting to self healing and hope of my true calling
I am a warrior, I have an amazing supernatural gift of passion
Turning my attention inward while focusing on my breath, I visualized a color that is nourishing to me. The color blue came to mind. On every exhale, seeing this color come out as smoke surrounding my being feelings of calm and becoming centered take over me. This will be a great visualization to take into my day anytime I need to return to a state of calm.
Color breathing
I didn't see any difference between doing this and regular meditation.