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Coherent breathing

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Coherent breathing is simple, calming, and just the right way of breathing for health. It brings together belly breathing, nasal breathing, and just the right speed to harmonize brainwaves, improve heart rate variability, and synchronize both with your breathing. It's also easy to do!
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3 reflections
I felt waves of energy through my body. I can only do a five count for now. I don't think I've ever breathed this "low" before, I imagine oxygen flowing down to my lower abdomen and feet.
I'm so used to deep breathing that it will take me some more practice to settle in.
Coherent Breathing
I'm very relaxed and no longer feeling stressed after completing this meditation. The 6 second in and out breathing, as well as the belly breathing were very effective for me. I've been feeling anxious and frustrated the last few days. I don't always know how to handle toxic people. It makes me very uncomfortable.
Coherent breathing
I so enjoyed this session. I recently learned how to perform a properl belly breathe technique from my physical therapist. But adding this 6 second, not deep breath makes a big difference. I initially had a bit of trouble controlling the out breath, I was too quick and unable to slowly drop my ribs and the metronome effect of the counting was relaxing. Thank you