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Coffee Meditation

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Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Meditation Instructor & Resilience Coach
Center the mind and savor positive experiences with this simple practice. Pausing with your coffee is a great way to start your day or to create a mindful break at work. Photo by Ioana Motoc from Pexels
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11 reflections
Coffee Meditation
Bringing mindfulness into an everyday activity worked really well. Coffee was an excellent choice, as the aroma and overall experience of drinking it is such a sensual activity. Really good meditation.
"When the student is ready..."
"A teacher appears", they say... I got a little of that this just now. I finally got that "experiencing" the moment of even just taking a sip of coffee was something I should try to be present for... My life, like many, is none stop, I barrel through life, not experience it... Many of the "good" moments, hours and days come to me while I live with a sense of entitlement about them which leads to me to just run right through my life without gratitude or appreciation... Maybe I'll have a few moments I'll be aware of today.
A cup of ohm
I loved this meditation, it was exactly what I needed before starting my busy work day. I know I'll feel great the rest of the day.
I don't drink coffee...
but was able to transfer this experience to my morning grapefruit drink. I learned to experience gratitude for the people and processes that went into bringing this drink to me.
It’s a beautiful morning...
What a great meditation to stumble upon this morning. A calm moment to be present, mindful and appreciative as I energize with that first cup o’joe. Now it’s time to pour another cup, grab the oils, paintbrush and get to work! Have a great day, folks!
Practical mindfulness
Meditation isn't just about sitting in silence on the cushion. Meditating on everyday moments allows you to practice mindfulness all day.
A warm cup of coffee
Perfect meditation to start the day. A little bit of heaven. Delicious coffee,a warm cup, a soothing voice, and a gentle reminder to appreciate the simple things in life. What more does one need to start off a perfect day?
Hey, I learned something this morning
I didn’t have hot coffee; I just made my water cold and added some coffee crystals to it (it is hot outside). I learned that I don’t even need hot coffee to enjoy this!
I just love the Coffee Meditation!
I just love it when I can get up and pour some coffee ☕️ and meditate! Thanks so much
I feel so Groovy
I just loved this meditation 🧘‍♀️ and I had some coffee to go along with it
I just did this while we waited for a friend of mine, searching for a paper that she can use... a nursing job. But we (my roommate/potential caregiver to another of my roommates and I, that is) just did this, while drinking old coffee. He seemed to appreciate it. Come and be done, Tara!
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