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Closing Down For Sleep

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
The key to getting a good night's sleep is shutting down a busy mind. A relaxing body scan is one of the best ways to do this. In this meditation, you'll imagine your whole body to be a shopping mall whose lights are turning off for the night, section by section. Watch the final swirls of dust settle down as you drift off into restorative sleep.
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11 reflections
Why we made this track
I think in this age of digital distractions, it can be especially hard to shut down the mind at night. Body scans are a good tool for doing this, because they help shift your attention from the mind to the body. I don’t know about you, but I have done a lot of body scans and I sometimes want a change from the “same old, same old.” So Darrin came up with the idea of combining a body scan with a visualization of a shopping mall that is getting closed down for the night section by section. Plus, it’s hard not to fall asleep to Darrin’s hypnotic voice!
Good Effort
I cannot remember how many times, when I retired for the evening, making this statement; “I wish I had an ON-OFF switch for my mind. I am tired, but I’ve got too much energy and can’t fall asleep...TURN ME OFF! LOL
Closing Down
What an interesting take on a body scan! I didn’t think that imagining my body as a shopping mall while doing a body scan would help me to settle down, but it sure did! As each ‘store’ was closing down, I could feel my body relax more and more. My body is tingling with wonderful sensations welcoming much needed rest. Good Night! 😴
Cyndee 🌊
Very different, soothing & relaxing! Adding wave 🌊 sounds made it extra special!
I Felt
My whole body felt so calm and relaxed I had a since of peace and serenity
How I feel
I feel refreshed and brand new I love my self and I am worth it and alway don’t believe the ad things about you you just have to except them.
I learned that shutting down my body a little bit at a time helps a lot and it relaxed me very well and I’m able to get some sleep 🙂
Jan. 5
As I’ve enjoyed a wonderful winter break, tomorrow I return to work and noticed my mind wandering to “worst case scenarios” and “what-ifs”, my goal for this week is to quiet those thoughts by being more present and in tune with what is actually happening and what I have control over.
Leah mo
I love this
It really calms me down and teaches me to be relaxed before I go to bed
Closing down for sleep
I felted that closing down for sleep helps me relax my mind and body.
Clea Chloe
Winding down for sleep is important for me and the thirteenth monkeys in my head. Sleep meditation definitely helps me.
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