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Clear Your Mind Of Negative Thoughts

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Glenn Harrold
This completely improvised hypnotherapy recording will help you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and feelings and connect with a sense of mental peace and calm. It begins with a breathing technique and then a mind-clearing process where the listener is encouraged to clear negative thoughts and replace them with loving positive thoughts and feelings. The improvised style of this recording moves along at a good pace and helps the listener transform their thoughts and feelings very naturally. You will also be encouraged to let go of all criticism and judgment of yourself and others.
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5 reflections
Negative thoughts into positive
I could clear my mind and feel light and free in the moment
I found this improvised session very relaxing. I listened to it first thing this morning but I realised that I must have drifted off again. So unlike me as sleep is precious and usually hard to come by. I feel ready for a new day.
“The responsible become responsible for the irresponsible”-Andy Stanley That quote sums up my afternoon of dealing with my Dad. I was feeling frustrated, angry, stressed, and my mind was stuck in ruminating mode. I wanted to release all of those negative feelings to bring myself back to a calm state of being. To raise my vibration levels. This was the perfect session to refocus my attention on bringing myself back to the present moment. I am grateful for that. Namaste. 🙏
Bind blowing this is bringing me home
I am going to do this every day I needed this meditation so badly it was like I was wearing a dark sign and a cloud over my head for years bringing in the bad energy. I think it will help me come home to my old powerful beautiful upbeat self.
I found this
very challenging. It helped calm me down but it could not fully ersse my self doubts. Of course not. I will practice some more.
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