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Cleanse Off the Day

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
We can accumulate a lot over a day - thoughts, feelings, other people's energy. This meditation helps cleanse off the day and prepare to drift into a restful sleep.
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Shateca McGee
Cleanse Off the Day
I learned that at the end of the day I can rest, reflect and clear my mind of the day. As I did so I felt refreshed and ready to enter into my sleep cycle.
Shateca McGee
Cleanse Off the Day
I learned that by resting I can recharge. But at the end of the day I need to forget the stressors and just rest. In resting I need to turn off all other distractions and just rest and relax.
Calming white light
My mind drifted a number of times throughout this meditation, but I kept coming back to it. I like this meditation and I’ll probably do it again when I can be a little more focused. I like the idea behind this medication, cleansing off the day with the white light. In the small amount of time that I was able to focus, I could feel the white light on my body and it did calm me considerably.
Her voice and way of talking are so soothing! This meditation helped me to relax
put me to sleep
i love the visualization of the light cleansing my body(: super soothing
Cleanse off the day.
Ready to sleep now that I have cleared all the negative energy from my day. I am relaxed and at ease.
Cleansing off the day
This was so peaceful to think about and how it made me feel like I’m clearing all the stress and “gunk” from my body. I wish the meditation went longer! Definitely helpful for sleep. I will try to practice the white light cleanse
Sleep Hygiene
We can cleanse experiences, discomfort or negative feelings from our minds, like any end of the day cleansing we have normally such as a shower or clean clothes, before resetting for a new day.
Walter J
I saw this big white light above me, bright like one in an operating room. Then I felt the white light coming down slowly until it contacted my Crown Chakra then it was passing down thru my head and pushing out all that was not me from me. As it made its way down over my whole body I started to feel lighter & brighter. As it passed over my feet it connected to the earth and I was in this perfectly clean & pure bubble of goodness!! Purified, Pulsating, Purposeful... to help others feel as awesome as I do! 🙏💪🏼✌🏼❤️
I enjoyed the imagery of the white light cleansing my body. In the mental health field, I deal with a lot of peoples deep and dark feelings so this practice really helped me come home to myself for the day.
White cleansing light
I liked imaging it was the sun and I was basking in it. But it was a bit difficult to unwind tonight
Washing away the stress
The holidays are a great time to gain unwanted stresses. After a day surrounded by aggressive family, I desperately needed to calm down and let go. This meditation did the trick. I felt so much better, so much lighter after!
Favorite way to end the day
I love listening to this after a long day. Great visualization.
i felt relaxed like jesus came over on top and cleansed me with baby oil and said “now you baptized child”
What i felt
I felt my whole body b like it was on a small cloud lying down with the bright light washing all of the bad things from today falling down off of my body and the cloud and when i opened my eyes i felt super relaxed and ready to have a good night of sleep.
Noticing the toxins.
I noticed the stiffness in my chest, the tightness of my shoulders. I felt the need to rid certain thoughts. I thought about my day and brought myself back to center several times. I feel more refreshed.
I keep coming back to this
I’ve listened to this a dozen or more times. Love it and use it regularly to relax from the day.
I love this meditation. I could feel myself unwinding and releasing today’s stresses and anxieties.
I didn't Learn much other than 3 minutes probably ain't enough time.
Reset as the sun sets
Like a sponge, we absorb so much throughout the day -- energy, emotions, feelings -- until the point where we cannot take on any more. The excess must be wrung out in order to be open to receive and take on more. Cleansed. Just like the sun rises each day and gives us warmth and love, it rests in order to shine brightly the next day. It too recognizes that we are given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves when we rise each morning. Leaving the past behind us and only focusing on what's ahead. Reset.
White Cleansing Light
This was a great meditation to end the day with. It is easier for me to stay focused when I am brought through all the different parts of my body and check in or recognize them. I really like envisioning the white light and felt like my whole body became light and bright.
Cleanse Off The Day
What a beautiful meditation! Just slowly let the light flow over you. I felt so warm and peaceful
Reflection 10/9/20
I learned that I needed to take a moment to just breathe and be in the moment before I get back to my work. I noticed that my body began to overheat because I was constantly running to stores, then making dinner, then cooking, all while thinking of what I needed to do next. I realized that instead of going right into homework again, I needed to resettle myself mentally and physically.
Notice how your body feels, notice the emotions of your body. Feel your body being cleansed
jess 🧡
white light
envisioning a white light surrounding my body and cleansing me was really therapeutic and helped me to get rid of the negative emotions of the day :)