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Circle of Loving-Kindness

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Ryan Kenny, LCSW
Meditation Instructor & Resilience Coach
Surround yourself with loving-kindness in this meditation that calls to mind all of the people who helped shape who you are today.
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Power to our wish
When We meditate upon something, we energise that object to manifest... so meditation is like a pilot of our life. So its very very important to choose the right things to meditate upon.
Circle of Loving Kindness
I learned that I am a wonderful product of all the experiences that I have had throughout my 65 years of life. The unconditional love and support given to me by family, friends, employers, teachers, and strangers has taught me to be a kind and loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I have learned to be tolerant and not to jump to conclusions. I have learned to be patient; knowing that life lessons unfold in their own perfect time. I am grateful to be here and present in the now. I am blessed.
Gratitude from my heart-space
I remember, with great fondness and respect, the half dozen or so people who were very instrumental in shaping my career. I looked to them for guidance and they gracefully shared their expertise and love. There’s no describing the extraordinary feeling that being a nurse is. A few of my mentors have passed on, a few I no longer have contact with. But I honor them for all that they are and all that they did for me. 🙏❤️
Loving Kindness
These mediations always make me feel happier, not just in the moment but as a person. I wish everyone could feel this happiness!
There is love
That there is love and good in this world. And not everything is black and white.
Great Meditation
What a great meditation! It has kickstarted a wonderful day in which shall carry gratitude towards myself, and towards others!
Growing Circle
This was a wonderful meditation! Although it was a beautiful way to begin a day, it is a meditation that could be used anytime of day, reminding you of your circle of loving kindness. When I first began the meditation, I was only able to envision a handful of people in my circle, but as the meditation continued various people began joining my circle. Friends, former professors, colleagues. It was such an incredible vision to see people I had initially not thought to include, one by one, stepping into my circle, as I watched it grow around me. 💫🙏💫
Nice reflection
It is easy to be caught in present and future thinking. it was nice to think back in life to all of the wonderful people who helped define who I am and changed the course of my life. it was nice to picture my late father and mother smiling at me.
Circle of Support
Getting situated in my chair, I became aware of my heart center. Breathing in and out from my heart, I gave myself loving awareness. Beginning to reminisce on where I find myself in this moment, people from my past and present began to appear in front of me. As I continued to listen, more people that I hadn’t thought of in years began to appear. As we all began to congregate, I was reminded of their words of encouragement, words of kindness and words of wisdom they had all given me. As I bowed to them in appreciation, I felt an immense sense of gratitude, love, joy and happiness fill my heart. As we held hands, I began to recite a metta, or loving kindness mantra to them. As I said these words to them, I saw their eyes light up and I could feel my eyes light up as well. After I recited these words, I bowed to them in appreciation once again. To my surprise, they bowed back to me in appreciation, raising my sense of gratitude, love, joy and happiness that I felt in my heart. It was in that moment that I realized that these people didn’t just help to shape me, but I had helped to shape them as well. Because we had helped to shape each other, I now realized that this circle of support wasn’t just created for me or for them, but in fact, it was created for the B.O.M.! Having this newfound realization wash over me, I felt an immense connection with all of life! With a big smile on my face, I bowed in appreciation one last time to recognize the circle of support for all of life. Namaste 🙏🏻⭕️☮️❤️
So many people
There are so many people who helped shape who I am, likely hundreds I found only a couple people in this short meditation that I would not say had any effect
This is soo true.
I’ve learned to stop thinking about what was and what if and reflect on what can bring me happiness if I actually let go of the old and welcome in the new. I loved who he was before the emotional and verbal abuse came through and took over who I feel in love with.
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