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Circle of Awareness

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
In this meditation, you will practice the art of deep noticing. You will first bring your focus to your body breathing, and stay anchored in those sensations until you sense your mind wandering. When that happens, there is no judgment – only noticing. It's all okay. You're still in the circle of awareness.
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11 reflections
Circle of awareness
I'm afraid I didn't do very well. I realised that my mind was wandering way more than I was focussing. My mind kept racing with things I have to do today. When the voice said come back to the breathing, I did. But almost straight away I was back to planning my day in my head. Story of my life really.
Pulling the mind back from its wanderings works!
Quiting the monkey mind
It is nice to use meditation to get away from the distractions of daily life. I feel relaxed and at peace after my first 3 minute meditation, I look forward to making it a daily habit. Im excited to start a new journey in becoming mindful.
Wondering Mind
My mind kept wondering off into other thoughts and I kept having to slowly bring my awareness back to my breathing. This really taught me how to focus more.
With my mind on breath
Stills my mind somewhat After 3 mins. Finding a nice spot Focusing on the breath Will still the mind yes very nicely
Heart Awakening
It's okay for your mind to wonder, however; focusing on where your mind wonders and when is important.
Circle of Awreness
The image if a circle helped me keep the focus on my breathing in it’s center. As my mind wandered, I knew the center was never too far away. I am thankful for this great imagery! 🙏🏻
This really helped me learn how to focus more/better; whether it be studying or paying attention to my thoughts.
What’s missing
I learned that for only minutes of meditation renews your whole being and through this inabling things that I enjoy doing that I have put on a shelf and feeling unhappy
Where Am I Today? 10-30-17
I picked this mediation because I am a little lost today and I am a little lost today because I am exhausted. I worked my limit yesterday. I was supposed to meet up with a friend today and couldn’t get out of bed. I running late doing my mediation, my chores, my everything. I haven’t been this tired in a long, long time. But, the things I got accomplished are done and needed to be done and am glad, but next time I’ll use TIME as a better tool..thank you, Aura! Good morning, Everyone!
I learned that I am in control of everything I want to do and have done.
I learned that I need to put myself first and be selfless and not everyone is the world will like you but that’s okay but we’re all different and all growing and learning.
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