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Christian Sleep Meditation

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Ease into a restful night's sleep with this Christian meditation practice. In this practice, Vanessa shares bible verses intertwined with a guided relaxation to find rest for your soul.
From the community
2 reflections
Wish it were longer
I really enjoyed this meditation. Her voice is so soothing… Also, the way she laced scripture with the relaxation were fantastic. I only wish it had lasted much longer. That’s how much I enjoyed it.
This is the second meditation that I’ve listened to from Vanessa. I absolutely love her calm and soothing voice. This meditation has now been favorited too. The blending of breath work, soul-soothing, and Bible scriptures.. well, it’s the perfect combination for me to relax and feel strong at the same time. This was just beautiful. Thank you Vanessa!💙💙🙏🏼💙💙
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