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Christian Prayer For Releasing Worry

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
This is a Christian prayer meditation to help release stress and anxiety during uncertain times. Bible verses mentioned are Matthew 6:25-34, Psalm 55:22, Nahum 1:7, and John 14:1,27. May you be encouraged to know that you are not alone and you need not worry during this time of uncertainty.
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11 reflections
My reflections from prayer
I am reminded that I am able to bring my cares to God about mediation costs, favorable outcomes, and housing for my son and I. I am reminded that God is taking care of my son and I and that things are still going well.
I learned that it’s okay to really bring everything to God. That I don’t have to hold back. He knows my heart. I felt some relief. A little bit of a light bulb moment. That I’m going to be fine and look a the bigger picture. Focus on working on my faith and everything will fall in line. I learned that I can’t control everything and God has my back. He going to teach me how to deal with all these symptoms and things I’m going through. It takes patience. Stop being stubborn. This an opportunity for me to grow.
Leave it to God
I learned that i need to leave more to God, and I can’t control everything. i have to let somethings go and let God handle them
Just What I Needed!!
I can learn to relax, meditate, pray, and release my stress doing so. Just wonderful!!
Tammy flores
I just cant express how muchlove and peace you give me you trult are a vessel snd reatimo y of the true llve God gives us every monent his true majesty grace and mercy is apparent in everyt blessing
I really cannot thank you a d for your knowledge and blessings of the word of the lord you share the peace love and joy of the word like I’ve not heard before ❤️I AM GRATEFUL
I surrender to God all of my worries, all of what I have and what I am. For I know that everything is a gift from God and He is our Master.
Less stressed
God has always been on my side and I will continue to worship him this session reminded me that when I am stressed and I have anxiety god is next to me holding me telling me it’s okay breath and I held him back
I cried and let go asking god and my mom up there to help me
I can be in uncertainty moments and ask for help. God has always provide good for us and he will keep on helping us. I pray for abundance of money to flow to us and that we could continue to grow as a happy family. I pray we can have a roof under our head and food to feed our kids. I know we will be ok but it’s ok not knowing at this moment of time all the details of how and when will it happen
I love that she read bible verses to point out how god is always with me especially the one reminding he’s been thru way worse with me and I made it so just keep moving forward
Tammy flores
Thank You
Amen and THANK YOU YOU ARE A BLESSING you have been given a gift from god to help others with your prayers snd use of his words taught and lived by Jesus for our salvation THANK YOU
I noticed that I am scared to be in my house without a camera alone.
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