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Christian Prayer for Anxiety

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
Christian prayer for those needing anxiety relief or finding stillness in the moment. This practice includes mindfulness and serves as a gentle reminder that God is always with you. Lean on Him to find ease. Bible verse mentioned: Psalm 94:18-19
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11 reflections
Just what I needed
All my feelings are valid and that it will be okay. I needed this moment with myself to reset and be encouraged. It will be ok. This too shall pass.
God’s Love
Hears me, Surrounds me, Heals me. Hold on, God has me and will always protect me. Thank you Lord. Starting my day with prayer is making a huge difference in how my day unfolds. God is everything and Everything is God.
Day 1
I need to breathe through my entire body. From the belly. Visited with Brooke and family for about 2 hours then came home. Put up dishes and folded white closed. Want to cook for B tonight… pork chops, dirty rice that Lola made for my birthday and peas. Smoked a good bit today between the pen and flower. God has always got my back… just stop to pray and breathe. I like the app so far. Not sure if I’ve paid for it yet?? But would like to keep it. I can even journal in here. That’s great. Hopefully I will do it more… it is a great goal.. maybe for lent…
Be present
I need to continue to breathe — and focus in my physical surroundings— and move, when I feel anxiety.
Apr 19
Calming my body calms my mind and that helps me notice that Jesus is right here with me.
Choosing prayer sooner
When I pray for others I find it very satisfying and calming to my soul. I know that this is one way I can contribute to uplift humanity in these uncertain times. Just sad how much pain and anxiety had to occur before I found my way back home.
I can do this.
While this prayer was very emotional for me I realized that what I’m feeling is temporary. I can do this.
Letting Go
I have to be honest…I was a little distracted throughout this mediation. The background music is louder than the voice. What I did hear was very soothing and to the heart. My mind has eased a little and I’m ready to move on. Thank you!
Thank you for the prayers. I have been dealing with anxiety for a while and am not new to meditation. I am easily distracted, so it can be challenging for me at times as I get lost in my thoughts.
My feelings are not facts. Yes my feelings are valid but they are not necessarily interpreting my reality correctly.
I was downhearted today on Thanksgiving
Day when half way thru this prayer I got up And I started feeling better. God answered My and her prayers! Hallelujah! Prior to that, my body was hurting, especially my back and God helped me! Amen!
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